APSIM Training Manuals

Introductory Training Manuals

If you are new to Apsim, start with these documents. They will teach you the basic skills required to construct a simulation and how to work with the results, including graphing. As they build upon the content in previous documents, it is recommended that they be completed in order.  Some of these manuals are also presented in video

1 – Introduction to Apsim UI
2 – Surface Organic Matter (The Effect of Residue Cover on Soil Water Storage during Fallow)
3 – The Nitrogen Cycle
4 – Sowing A Crop (A Sorghum Crop Simulation)
5 – Long Term Simulations (Chickpea Sowing Rates – 40 Year Runs)


Plantation Forestry Training

APSIM For Plantation Forestry Instructions Exercises (APSIM Next Gen)

APSIM For Plantation Forestry Instructions Exercises –  Screen Shots

Observed Data For Plantation Forestry Training

Weather Files



Advanced Topics

The following topics assume you have completed the core materials. They introduce advanced tools and techniques to allow you to create complex simulations. They may be completed in any order.
Climate Change Projections in APSIM
Crop Rotations (Creating A Wheat Lucerne Rotation)
Introduction to Manager 2
Wheat/Mungbean Opportunity Cropping
Adding extra conditions and actions to a crop management component
Multiple Paddocks
Scenario – Modelling a Soil Water Evaporation Trial (Kingsthorpe Soil Water Evaporation Project)

Common Tasks in APSIM

Creating an APSIM met file using Excel
Create your own or Add someone elses toolbox
Add Soils in a .par file to a Toolbox
Adding crop properties to a soil
Graphing in Detail
Construct a factorial simulation in the User Interface
Filter graph data in the User


The above training materials were predominately developed for Australia.  If you are interested in South Asia, West Africa or SIMLESA, please see the links below:

Training Manual (West Africa – English and French)

Training Manual (South Asia)

Training Manual (SIMLESA)