How do I download APSIM?

Click here to download or upgrade APSIM

Who requires an APSIM Licence?

Anyone who downloads and runs APSIM. There are two types of licences:

  1. Non-Commercial Research and Development, and
  2. Commercial

If you are or plan to use APSIM for commercial purposes, then you need to apply for a commercial licence. If your use is non-commercial (i.e. producing publicly available outputs of knowledge) then you can choose the Non-Commercial Research and Development Licence when you apply to download the model.

Please note there are two versions of APSIM.  APSIM Classic (last release version was 7.10) and the newer APSIM Next Generation.  Please note there will be no more major APSIM Classic Releases.  However, there are currently more models available in APSIM Classic, so please refer to this list – Models in Release – APSIM

All access will be through approved licence agreements.  The agreements can be reviewed here:  APSIM Non-Commercial R&D Licence Agreement and APSIM Commercial Licence

Both of these agreements require any Improvements to the APSIM Software are relinquished to the the APSIM Initiative.  For more information, please refer to Improvements – APSIM

If you would like to discuss retaining ownership of Improvements made to the APSIM Software, please email