General Use Licence Summary

Plain English APSIM General Use Licence Summary:

The following is a Plain English Version of the standard 3rd Party, General Use Licence Agreement. Please note that this summary of the General Use Licence is provided for the information of interested persons. It is not the Agreement. In the event of any disagreement between the terms of the Licence Agreement and this summary, the Agreement prevails.

Any individual or organisation (a 3rd party outside of the AI) who wants to use APSIM must be licensed to do so by the AI. Key elements of the licence are as follows:

  • The licence is a legally binding agreement between the licensee and the parties of the APSIM Initiative.
  • The licence agreement permits the licensee to use APSIM for research and development and for education. All commercial uses are explicitly excluded.
  • The general use licence is for a fixed term of 3 years and is renewable. The licensee’s right to use APSIM ends when the licence ends. The general use licence permits APSIM to be used anywhere in the world.
  • General use of APSIM is free of charge. Licensed users can use the APSIM software and models, access other APSIM intellectual property and can also access the source code of APSIM.
  • Intellectual property rights in APSIM are retained by the AI. If a licensee makes any improvements to APSIM, the intellectual property rights to those improvements belong to the AI. This means that the AI can choose to make the improvements – including source code – available to all licensed users.
  • Licence holders use APSIM at their own risk. The licensee and the AI each take no responsibility for any loss or liability resulting from their having breached the terms of the licence agreement. The agreement requires the licensee and the AI to negotiate in good faith to resolve any dispute. If this fails, technical questions must be adjudicated by an independent expert, while non-technical matters must be put to mediation.

If you wish to download the General Use Licence, please press here.