Training Manual (West Africa – English and French)

The West African training materials consist of two parts. A PDF document and a ZIP file containing the required toolbox, weather and soil data along with completed exercises for reference. The training materials are available in English and French.

West Africa Training Manual (English)

West Africa Training Manual (French)

To be able to complete the examples in the training manual, you will need the following ZIP file. Extract it somewhere you can find it (e.g. c:\). In order to get started you will need to add the included soils toolbox to APSIM. You can do this by opening APSIM, clicking on the Options icon in the top toolbar then clicking “Add a toolbox” on the options screen. Navigate to the West African Soils.soils file located in the APSIM_Workshop\Toolboxes folder. You will then be able to access it from the toolbox bar at the bottom of the APSIM screen. If you need more assistance look for “Adding components to a simulation via Toolboxes” in the manual.

Required data files