APSIM Videos

Overview, examples & applications of APSIM platform

Calculating Thermal Time for Use in APSIM

Installing APSIM Next Gen on a Mac


APSIM Classic

Introduction to APSIM 7.10

APSIM’s Surface Organic Matter Module (APSIM 7.10)

APSIM – Nitrogen Cycling (APSIM 7.10)

Sowing A Crop (A Sorghum Crop Simulation)

Long Term Simulations (Chickpea Sowing Rates – 40 Year Runs)

Climate Change Projects in APSIM


How to create an APSIM simulation

Crop Rotations in Classic – Part 1

Crop Rotations in Classic – Part 2


APSIM Next Gen

Three-minute overview of APSIM Next Generation

APSIM Next Gen Training video

How to create a new genotype or cultivar in APSIM Next Generation

How to create and run an APSIM Next Generation simulation

Soils and soil parameters in APSIM Next Generation

APSIM Next Generation: irrigating and fertilizing the crop

Crop growth in APSIM: understanding water and nitrogen stresses

Pasture growth and livestock grazing in APSIM

Crops and livestock in APSIM (Crop Livestock Enterprise Model)

Trees and crops in APSIM Next Generation (Agroforestry)

Understanding APSIM Next Generation weather (meteorology) data

APSIM Next Generation: model structure and genotype parameters

Nitrogen fertilizer, soil N, N loss and cycling in APSIM Next Generation

Climate change in APSIM Next Generation (climate controller)


APSIM Next Generation, with examples from Eucalyptus plantation forestry

Video 1/4 Brief tour of website, GUI, GitHub and Eucalyptus Rotation example

Video 2/4 Running the Eucalyptus Rotation example, and Eucalyptus model structure

Video 3/4 – Genotypes and other components of the Eucalyptus model

Video 4/4 – Soil, Weather, Experiments, Calibration


2014 – APSIM Science Week

How to debug an APSIM Classic simulation

Pests And Diseases In APSIM

How To Use The Factorial Capability

How To Use The APSIM Manager

How To Simulate Multiple Paddocks


APSIM Related Videos

Video developed for Indian conditions (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation funded project):

Crop yield modelling under different climatic scenarios using APSIM