Online Seminar Series

In 2021, the APSIM Initiative will be providing an Online Seminar Series.  These seminars are being delivered as recorded videos.  Approximately, every 3-4 weeks, we will be uploading a newly recorded seminar.

You can be notified of these seminars by either email, subscribing to updates from this website and/or following the APSIM ResearchGate project.  If you would like to receive emails, please email

We will also provide a link to a GitHub Issue which can be used to comment and/or ask questions on the video.  Depending on the nature of the questions, these will be answered there or an additional video will be recorded.

At the moment, these are the seminars we anticipate to offer this year.  The links to both the video and GitHub issue will be updated as they become available.

Presenter Title  GitHub Issue
Peter deVoil Crop Rotations (APSIM 7.10) – Part 1

Crop Rotations (APSIM 7.10 – Part 2

Crop Rotations in APSIM – Video · Issue #2039 · APSIMInitiative/APSIMClassic (
Dean Holzworth APSIM Next Gen Training video – YouTube APSIM Next Generation – Video · Issue #6445 · APSIMInitiative/ApsimX · GitHub
Jeremy Whish Calculating Thermal Time for Use in APSIM – YouTube Calculating Thermal Time for Use in APSIM – Video · Issue #6477 · APSIMInitiative/ApsimX · GitHub
Matthew Harrison New APSIM Next Generation Videos

Solving errors and finding bugs in APSIM Next Gen

Exporting data to Excel

Loading Excel data into APSIM Next Gen – comparing predicted and observed data

New Next Generation Videos · Issue #6490 · APSIMInitiative/ApsimX · GitHub
Graeme Hammer APSIM development and the nature of crop models (and modellers) needed for advance crop adaptation and improvement
Enli Wang Modelling Soil Carbon (& Nitrogen) Dynamics with APSIM- Part 1

Modelling Soil Carbon (& Nitrogen) Dynamics with APSIM- Part 2

Online Seminar Series: Modelling Soil Carbon (& Nitrogen) Dynamics with APSIM #6634
Matthew Harrison Genotype by environment by management simulations in APSIM Next Gen: creating factorials.
Adam Liedloff Overview of CLEM Online Seminar Series – Overview of CLEM · Issue #6898 · APSIMInitiative/ApsimX (
Jonathan Ojeda Variance decomposition