The soybean module was developed Michael Robertson with contributions from Peter Carberry. APSIM-Soybean belongs to the PLANT family of crop modules in APSIM. The reader is referred to the science document for the plant module for a comprehensive description of the processes simulated by APSIM-Soybean. This document outlines some soybean-specific issues that are not covered by the legume science document.

Notable features of APSIM-SOYBEAN

The phenology of soybean cultivars are responsive to temperature and photoperiod, but not vernalisation.

There are many cultivars in the 7.10 version including generic cultivars by maturity group.

Account is taken of the energy costs involved in synthesising the high energy content grain in soybean.

Oil content is not simulated dynamically in response to any cultivar or environmental effects.

APSIM-Soybean is not phosphorus-responsive, this is currently under development.

Crop and root growth is sensitive to waterlogging.

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Cultivars and crop classes

There are two crop classes. One is the conventional type, and the other is a promiscuous nodulator, often grown in the developing world. The promiscuous crop class has low N fixation capacity.

There are 8 cultivars able to be simulated: Davis, Buchanan, CPI26671, Durack, Valiant, Roan, Magoye and Dragon. Cultivars differ in terms of biomass partitioning to grain and phenology. Cultivar Magoye, listed below, is a promiscuous type. It has a lower harvest index.


APSIM-Soybean has received testing across northern Australia, with factors such as cultivars, sowing date, irrigation, soil type, plant population density row spacing varying. Papers describing validation of APSIM-Soybean are by Robertson and Carberry (1998) and Denner et al. (1998). The accompanying figure demonstrates the performance of the module against Australian datasets.

Figure 1: Performance of the soybean module (observed versus simulated grain yield in g/m2) against test datasets reported by Robertson and Carberry (1998).


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