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APSIM Training - Lincoln, New Zealand 25th & 26th March 2015

The next APSIM training course is scheduled to be held at AgResearch Lincoln, New Zealand on the 25th & 26th March 2015. 

You can view the training program and registration form here.

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APSIM 7.7 Released.

Apsim version 7.7 has been released. This is a bug fix version and contains no new functionality. You can download it from the registration page or view a list of the issues addressed here.
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AusFarm Training January 2015

Where: CSIRO, Black Mountain, Canberra
When: Jan 27th, 28th, 29th

Designed as an introductory and advanced course for using the AusFarm farming systems modelling tool.

Click the news item for training program and cost information.

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APSIM Forum Video

Presentations and video from the 2014 APSIM Forum in Canberra are now available for download. Go to About Us > Forum 2014 or click here to see them.
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APSIM next generation preview released

The APSIM Initiative has released a new generation of APSIM. 
This version of APSIM has very limited functionality but provides a preview of where APSIM is headed in the future. It is not a replacement for the current APSIM 7.x version.

The crops that are currently validated and available are wheat, potato and oil palm. 

If you are interested in having a look at this preview version of APSIM, you can download it here. For documentation, including validation graphs of the crops, goto the documentation.

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Agricultural Modelling Special Issue

In December 2014, the journal 'Environmental Modelling and Software' published the first part of a new Thematic Issue: "Agricultural systems modelling and software: current status and future prospects". Lead by Dean Holzworth (with 7 co-authors), the Thematic Issue explores the current status of the leading process based agricultural systems models. Models featured in the Issue include APSIM, AquaCrop, CropSyst, STICS / RECORD, APSIM PMF and APSIM OilPalm. There are also a range of other papers covering various aspects of modelling complex agricultural systems. For more information go to the following link.
Part 2 of the Thematic Issue (including a position paper) will be published mid 2015.

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New APSIM Paper

The APSIM Initiative and key collaborators have been involved in the development of a new paper titled APSIM - Evolution towards a new generation of agricultural systems simulation. This paper updates the earlier work by Keating et al. (2003) and chronicles the changing external challenges and opportunities being placed on APSIM during the last decade. It also explores and discusses how APSIM has been evolving to a “next generation” framework with improved features and capabilities that allow its use in many diverse topics. The paper is now in print in the journal of Environmental Modelling & Software and available at the following link.

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APSIM-Wheat: Documentation

Find out the details of the APSIM-Wheat module and understand how wheat crop is simulated in APSIM.

This updated documentation presents the processes modelled in APSIM-Wheat, and gives the equations and defaults parameter values that are used by the model. Graphic illustrations and figures have been added to help the understanding on how the model is functioning.

The updated documentation can be found here.

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Crop Modelling to Support Crop Improvement Workshop

Kingaroy, Queensland 4-5 Dec 2013

A workshop was held to review and discuss the physiological framework underpinning the dynamic crop growth and development modules in APSIM and avenues for utilising this capability to support plant breeding and crop improvement in general.

Additional details, workshop program and presentations are available at this features link, click here.

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SoilMapp for iPad: Soil Information At Your Fingertips

Find out what's beneath your feet with SoilMapp which taps into the best available soil information from Australia’s national soil databases. You can find out about the likely types of soil near you or you can look anywhere across the country.

Discover the soil’s secrets, how it holds water, its clay content, acidity and other attributes related to agricultural productivity and land management. 

Australia's soils are one of the country's most valuable natural assets, critical to sustainable food production, biodiversity conservation, water quality and human health. 

Having access to the best available soil and land information assists improved land management decisions, sustaining Australia’s soils into the future.

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