How do I cite APSIM?


APSIM citation (and for more information):

Holzworth, Dean P., Neil I. Huth, Peter G. deVoil, Eric J. Zurcher, Neville I. Herrmann, Greg McLean, Karine Chenu, et al. “APSIM – Evolution towards a New Generation of Agricultural Systems Simulation.” Environmental Modelling & Software 62 (December 2014): 327–350.

APSIM Next Generation citation:

Holzworth, Dean, N. I. Huth, J. Fainges, H. Brown, E. Zurcher, R. Cichota, S. Verrall, N. I. Herrmann, B. Zheng, and V. Snow. “APSIM Next Generation: Overcoming Challenges in Modernising a Farming Systems Model.” Environmental Modelling & Software 103 (May 1, 2018): 43–51.

 APSIM Acknowledgement 

The APSIM Initiative would appreciate an acknowledgement in your research paper if you or your team have utilised APSIM in its development. For ease, we suggest the following wording:

Acknowledgment is made to the APSIM Initiative which takes responsibility for quality assurance and a structured innovation program for APSIM’s modelling software, which is provided free for research and development use (see for details)