How to partner with the APSIM Initiative?

There are many different ways of partnering with the APSIM Initiative.

  1. The main way of working with the APSIM Initiative is through using and developing APSIM.  If you are developing or interested in developing a new model or improvement to an existing model, we welcome you to notify the APSIM Initiative by either creating an issue on GitHub or emailing  On downloading APSIM, you agreed that any Improvements made to APSIM are contributed back. For more information on how to submit improvements for review, please refer to the submission instructions.
  2. An organisation is able to join the APSIM Initiative which is an unincorporated Joint Venture.  Principles of membership can be found here. Any further queries, please email
  3.  Another way of working with the APSIM Initiative is by collaborating with its members.  More information on the members can be found at About Us.  Feel free to reach out to any of the APSIM Initiative Steering Committee or Reference Panel representatives.  If you are interested in the current development of APSIM, please refer to the Development Plan.