APSIM Initiative GitHub Guidelines and Instructions

The APSIM Initiative Reference Panel’s (AI RP) role is to encourage collaboration and innovation of both science and software development within APSIM, and to oversee, approve and manage all APSIM change and development activities.

The AI RP utilises the APSIM Initiative’s GitHub Organisation: for approving all software changes and development activities dealing with APSIM.  It is also the primary online platform that the AI utilises for communication amongst developers and users.

Registering in GitHub

We encourage APSIM users and developers to engage with other APSIM users and developers via GitHub.  While everybody can read or download from GitHub, if you wish to ask questions, comment, or submit code modifications, you will need to register for a (free) account.  You can do that on For step-by-step instructions for the creation of a GitHub account, please refer to

The AI maintains several repositories, or work areas that each relate to one of the AI projects: ApsimX for Apsim Next Generation, ApsimClassic and so on. Each repository has its own issues page where discussions specific to that project occur.

If you are looking for information on model development or other related APSIM work, you can search GitHub Issues.  Information on how to do this can be found here.

If you would like to ask a question or make a comment, you can find instructions here.

Becoming a Member of the APSIM Initiative GitHub Organisation

Once you have an account, you can request to become a member of the APSIM Initiative’s GitHub Organisation: – please email and provide your GitHub username.  The administrator will then invite you to  You will be sent an email from GitHub enabling you to join.  For more information on the APSIM Initiative GitHub Organisation, please refer to here.

Although you do not need to be a member of the APSIM Initiative GitHub Organisation to comment on an issue or search for information, as a member, you are able to be sent notifications on issues of relevance or become members of teams which are of interest to you.

Any questions, please email