System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements

  • 1 GHz CPU
  • 512MB RAM
  • Windows XP / Mono 2.10 for Linux

Recommended System Requirements

  • Quad Core 3GHz + CPU
  • 4GB RAM

Troubleshooting APSIM Installations

For Mac Users

If you are using Classic, you will need to install Parallels, which allows you to run windows software (ie APSIM Classic) on a Mac.

For Next Gen, you can choose the mac download option when registering.

For APSIM 7.10

International users running Microsoft Windows may have trouble with number & date formatting (eg commas vs decimal points in numeric entries), and may need to change their regional settings to Australian or similar.

For APSIM 7.9

APSIM has been changed to use Microsoft Visual C++ 2015. The implications for users is that the installation process can be more complicated. The APSIM Installer will check for Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 and attempt to install it if required. On versions of Windows before Windows 10 (i.e. Windows 7, 8, and 8.1) it may be necessary for the user to manually install Microsot KB2999226 (Update for Universal C Runtime in Windows).

This update can be found here

For this to succeed though, it may be necessary to update Windows via Windows Update. For example on Windows 7, we have found it necessary to install Windows 7 service pack before installing the above update.

APSIM version 7.4 and 7.5 requires the following 2 Microsoft runtimes to be installed:

  1. The Microsoft .NET 4 Framework
  2. The Microsoft C++ Runtime for Visual Studio 2010

APSIM version 7.3 and earlier requires the following 2 Microsoft runtimes to be installed:

  1. The Microsoft .NET 2 Framework (included with the .NET 4 distribution above)
  2. The Microsoft C++ Runtime for Visual Studio 2008

The APSIM Installation should detect when the above two runtime libraries are missing and install them automatically. If this doesn’t occur, then you can manually install them from the above links.

Release Details

29 March 2018 – APSIM 7.10 Release Notes

3 May 2017 – APSIM 7.9 Release Notes

24 Mar 2016 – APSIM 7.8 Release Notes

12 Dec 2015 – APSIM 7.7 Release Notes

21 Mar 2014 – APSIM 7.6 Release Notes

10 Apr 2013 – APSIM 7.5 Release Notes

10 Feb 2012 – APSIM 7.4 Release notes

24 Feb 2011 – APSIM 7.3 Release notes

23 Aug 2010 – APSIM 7.2 Release notes

11 Nov 2009 – APSIM 7.1 Release notes

23 Apr 2009 – APSIM 7.0 Release notes

22 Aug 2008 – APSIM 6.1 Release notes

26 Mar 2008 – APSIM 6.0 Release notes

For previous releases, please email