12 Dec 2015 – APSIM 7.7 Release Notes

Friday December 12, 2014

APSIM 7.7 is a bug fix release and does not include new functionality. Issues addressed are below. More information can be found on our bug tracker.


Sorghum Code cleanup
Add alternative nitrification/denitroficaiton processes in SoilNitrogen
Deprecate MasterPM
There is no documentation for the Egrandis module in the list of crop model documentation
GUI Change tool doesn’t like linked SoilTemperature nodes
updates for training exercises
Allow use of bootleg R component
Upgrade run_on_cluster to condor 8
Adding new completed exercises to training.xml
Manager 2 needs better error messages
Added RLink, OilPalm, DCD, Solute2 to official release
added manager for furrow irrigation
Rotation UI cant have two arcs leading from a state
documentation update
minor changes to prepare for 7.6 release
“Open latest version from the web” link is broken
Apsoil version number is incorrect
Swim3 doesn’t move any solutes owned by SoilNitrogen
Buffer overrun in CI2 modules
Tidying up SoilNitrogen
Add in new wheat documenation
Change hard coded value in Oryza to external valueno
New furrow irrigation script not working
initial nitrogen being added to soil file when soil dragged or copied from soil toolbox
progress bar only works when simulation completed
Testing changes for new fortran version
change cluster UI form for better error handling
Fatal errors in .NET components not always obvious in the GUI
In PLANT, set XF to 1.0 if there are values for ESP, EC or CL AND ModifyKL is true
New Barley varieties
Crop LL below Air Dry in Soilwat
Windows build scripts could be modified to allow for different compiler versions
update r component to 3.1
Update outputs of AgPasture
DM removal (graze) results in loss of mass balance in AgPasture
Added a Year of Sampling field to Apsoil
Make ll, xf and kl both readable and writeable for sorghum
Simple grazing module (graz) is not trampling correctly
Add some extra variables to Plant for emergence_das, floral_initiation_das
Changed PatchInput to make available non patch variables
strange messages when running model
Add a maximum rooting depth parameter to plant.
Graph export does not preserve graph order
Introducing SWIM2gui
fatal crash when soil cannot find crop
Add new routine for N remobilisation in AgPasture
Agpasture uses Nconcentration isntead of Noptimum to compute N demand
Drop-down menus on website not working on iPads (all tablets?)
Some units compile slowly on Bob for no apparent reason
Soils in the toolbox are not having Initial water and N nodes added properly
Request for AusFarmPasture module to be able to accept a parameter file
grasp n is mixed up
GUI locks up when running simulation
Adding SlopeEffectsOnWeather
Micromet doesn’t publish total PET
remove old ApsimX code from apsim
New leaf output variables for Sugar and SugarCane
Object reference not set … error on Soil Sample node in GUI
Remove CL / KL modifier from the chickpea model
The function determining the fraction of DM allocated to shoot root fails to reset (be = 1.0) after ‘spring’
The calculation of root proportion in AgPasture does not consider layer thickness
Input module not working properly in several respects
Manager2 output with defined units does not seem to be available to another Manager2
Plant not correctly handling removal of biomass by grazing
Effects of High and Low temperatue on AgPasture’s photosynthesis has a bug
patch to revision 3563 should not have been committed – need undo
add better handling of species parameters in AgPasture
Partition of new growth (shoot-root ratio) in AgPasture is too restrictive
Water settings for crops fails if values are entered below the bottom of the profile, and can’t be cleaned up
Output variable list (number 1)
Output variable list (number 2)
Change the .out difference tool (DiffDiff) to make it more usable. Fix some bugs and add recursion
First iteration of a new C# version of PatchInput
APSIM X link dead
Add new more modern cultivars to CANOLA
Implement a more explicit separation of species (root and canopy)
Compiling AgPasture in different computers (diff setup) produces different results
Make BD, KS, SAT, DUL, LL15 and cropLL settable
Add US soils, weather files, maize and soybean cultivars, manure parameterisations
Changed all early cultivars in wheat + fixed minor bugs in GUI when sending to cluster
There is a PLANT bug where the use of MaxRootDepth can cause a fatal error about negative root growth.
Canola shouldn’t have sub soil constraints code activated
Update APSIM with the latest soils toolbox
Fix the graphs in the sugar validation
Add a DYMEX test simulation to the test suite