26 Mar 2008 – APSIM 6.0 Release notes

APSIM 6.0 release notes

26th March 2008

This release of APSIM is not 100% backwards compatible with previous versions, particularly with respect to .con / .par files. The control file converter will automatically attempt to make all the necessary changes but sometimes it fails. All the changes are related to new PLANT output variable names. The complete list of old and new names is as follows:

Old variable name New variable name
dm_green(1) RootGreenWt
dm_green(2) LeafGreenWt
dm_green(3) StemGreenWt
dm_green(4) PodGreenWt
dm_green(5) MealGreenWt
dm_green(6) OilGreenWt
dm_green_leaf LeafGreenWt
dm_green_stem StemGreenWt
dm_green_pod PodGreenWt
dm_green_meal MealGreenWt
dm_green_oil OilGreenWt
dm_green_fruit FruitGreenWt
dm_green_root RootGreenWt
dm_green_floret FloretGreenWt
dm_green() GreenWt
dm_green GreenWt
n_green_leaf LeafGreenN
n_green_stem StemGreenN
n_green_pod PodGreenN
n_green_meal MealGreenN
n_green_oil OilGreenN
n_green_fruit FruitGreenN
n_green_root RootGreenN
n_green_floret FloretGreenN
n_green(1) RootGreenN
n_green(2) LeafGreenN
n_green(3) StemGreenN
n_green(4) PodGreenN
n_green(5) MealGreenN
n_green(6) OilGreenN
n_green() GreenN
n_green GreenN
leaf_wt LeafGreenWt
stem_wt StemGreenWt
pod_wt PodGreenWt
meal_wt MealGreenWt
oil_wt OilGreenWt
fruit_wt FruitGreenWt
root_wt RootGreenWt
floret_wt FloretGreenWt
tuber_wt TuberGreenWt
leaf_n LeafGreenN
stem_n StemGreenN
pod_n PodGreenN
meal_n MealGreenN
oil_n OilGreenN
fruit_n FruitGreenN
root_n RootGreenN
floret_n FloretGreenN
leaf_p LeafGreenP
stem_p StemGreenP
pod_p PodGreenP
meal_p MealGreenP
oil_p OilGreenP
fruit_p FruitGreenP
root_p RootGreenP
floret_p FloretGreenP
p_green() GreenP
p_green GreenP
p_senesced() SenescedP
p_senesced SenescedP
n_conc_leaf LeafGreenNConc
n_conc_stem StemGreenNConc
n_conc_pod PodGreenNConc
n_conc_meal MealGreenNConc
n_conc_oil OilGreenNConc
n_conc_fruit FruitGreenNConc
n_conc_root RootGreenNConc
n_conc_floret FloretGreenNConc
p_conc_leaf LeafGreenPConc
p_conc_stem StemGreenPConc
p_conc_pod PodGreenPConc
p_conc_meal MealGreenPConc
p_conc_oil OilGreenPConc
p_conc_fruit FruitGreenPConc
p_conc_root RootGreenPConc
p_conc_grain GrainGreenPConc
p_conc_floret FloretGreenPConc
dm_senesced_leaf LeafSenescedWt
dm_senesced_stem StemSenescedWt
dm_senesced_pod PodSenescedWt
dm_senesced_meal MealSenescedWt
dm_senesced_oil OilSenescedWt
dm_senesced_fruit FruitSenescedWt
dm_senesced_root RootSenescedWt
dm_senesced_floret FloretSenescedWt
dm_senesced(1) RootSenescedWt
dm_senesced(2) LeafSenescedWt
dm_senesced(3) StemSenescedWt
dm_senesced(4) PodSenescedWt
dm_senesced(5) MealSenescedWt
dm_senesced(6) OilSenescedWt
dm_senesced() SenescedWt
dm_senesced SenescedWt
n_senesced_leaf LeafSenescedN
n_senesced_stem StemSenescedN
n_senesced_pod PodSenescedN
n_senesced_meal MealSenescedN
n_senesced_oil OilSenescedN
n_senesced_fruit FruitSenescedN
n_senesced_root RootSenescedN
n_senesced_floret FloretSenescedN
n_senesced(1) RootSenescedN
n_senesced(2) LeafSenescedN
n_senesced(3) StemSenescedN
n_senesced(4) PodSenescedN
n_senesced(5) MealSenescedN
n_senesced(6) OilSenescedN
n_senesced() SenescedN
n_senesced SenescedN

The following variables no longer exist: dm_dead dm_dead_leaf dm_dead_stem n_dead p_dead deadleaf_n deadleaf_p tlai_dead cep


Version 6 incorporates updated nitrogen algorithms that more realistically simulate the functional basis of nitrogen dynamics in the plant. For example, these routines allow grain nitrogen concentration and leaf senescence to be emergent properties of the effects of growth and development process on N dynamics.

Changes have been made to the default sorghum genotypes, with early, medium and late types now having on average 14, 16 and 18 leaves respectively. Users may see changes in yield for these cultivars due to these changes in phenology.

A default fertile tillering calculation has been included that will estimate the tiller number if none is added by the user. This rule only applies to the Australian sorghum cropping regions. Users can still enter this value.

APSIM user interface

  • The ‘shared’ concept has now been extended to allow full inheritance. Simulations can now be inherited from other simulations with the bits that are differnet being underlined in the tree
  • ‘Rules’ and ‘Logic’ in the user interface are now the same thing – called ‘manager’. Users can right click on the properties tab in a manager component and select edit. This will allow them to add/delete/rename properties
  • The graph toolbox has been redesigned to use the new APSIM Report functionality. Graphs can now be dropped on an output file
  • Updated the OzCot variable list.
  • Simplified the code to further externalise button presses and menu clicks. APSoil and ApsimUI are now the same executable as a result.
  • Added a WaterSupply sample to the user interface.
  • Reworked the APSIM user interface by making all ‘actions’ (button bar + context menu) externalised to an actions.xml file. Users will notice a much improved menu when right clicking on a node in the simulation tree.
  • The run window now displays error messages in red.
  • Fixed bug in .apsim file changetool where variables were being stripped when converting from an old .apsim file to a new one – reported by Howard Cox.
  • Removed duplicate parameter Receive_crop_runoff from ‘Dam’ in the standard toolbox – reported by Perry Poulton
  • Harvesting rule in standard toolbox can now work with ozcot
  • Added GRASP to standard toolbox
  • Added some GCM / SOI index components to the standard toolbox
  • Fixed operations crash in user interface
  • Added INPUT
  • Added a ‘constants’ section to the top of the output variable window. These constants’ are written to the top of an output file, on multiple lines. NB: This may break any third party tools that expect the headings to start on line 4 of an output file.


  • APSIM Outlook has been reworked to facilitate rebadging work done by CSIRO Plant Industry at Narrabri.


  • Minor modification to the pie chart colouring so that set colours are applied to each slice. Done for Yield Prophet.
  • Major reworking of code to use more .NET forms and controls. The whole data form is now very different.
  • Multi page PDF’s can now be generated from reports.

APSIM infrastructure

  • Change the component interface so that parameters (SDML) is passed into the FORTRAN / DELPHI components as a string. This was done for AgResearch.
  • .NET component interface has been reworked to use the existing APSIM component interface. New metadata tags (e.g. and ) have been added.


  • Added “detailed cash flow” analysis to economics module
  • Stability changes to UI components have been made.


  • Change for sandy soil mineralisation processes for Western Australia. 2 lines were added:
    wfmin_index = 0.0 0.5 1.0 2.0 ! index specifying water content for water factor for mineralization
    wfmin_values= 0.05 1.0 1.0 0.5 ! value of water factor function at given index values(mineralization)


  • Added settable water table depth for water logging studies. Parameter is called ‘water_table’


  • Continued refactoring of PLANT. All Tops and Stover calculations have now been modelled using the composite pattern.
  • dm_green, dm_dead, dm_senesced, n_green, n_senesced, n_dead, p_green, p_senesced, p_dead and dlt_dm_green are now scalars rather than an array of values for each part. To output dm_green for the leaf part use: dm_green_leaf.
  • Added a set_stage event to Plant phenology.
  • Correction to remove biomass phenology and N
  • Added new genericArbitratorXY class to plant to allow partitioning rules to be specified using interpolation functions.
  • Bug fixes to cohorting leaf part and some refactoring of plant utilities.
  • The RootPart class has be refactored so that it is self contained. As part of this work a NoRoot class can be instantiated that meets the crops water and nitrogen demands i.e. a potential crop can be easily simulated.
  • A new StoragePart has been added to PLANT to facilitate work on a Potato module for APSIM.
  • A new FloretPart has been added to PLANT and broccoli modified to use it.
  • The arbitrator part in PLANT has been made more generic with a lot of its functionality being externalised to the .ini file.
  • Added stage x digestibility table for several crops (e.g. lablab, wheat, lucerne, sweet sorghum)
  • Removed all dead pools in PLANT
  • Many of PLANTS output variables have been renamed
  • A new pool and composite pool class has been added to PLANT
  • Many changes have been made to PLANT to allow grazing
  • Some corrections have been made to the P and SW stress
  • A start has been made on a new photosynthesis class


  • Lupin validation added


  • A new lettuce model has been added


  • Added new variety: Wintaroo


  • Corrected p_conc_init names in the weed.ini file.


  • Added methods for parameterising SWIM using soilwat-type parameters


  • Allow replacement of multiple values of a variable e.g. soilwat2 set sw = sw1 sw2 sw3 (mm)
  • The manager module can now handle 100 character values for its local variables.
  • Some manager arithmetic has been fixed
  • Cotton is seen as a crop and works properly in rotations
  • Warnings are given when an undefined variable is used in an expression.


  • A revised version of Potato from Shaun Lisson.


  • Triazine tolerance has been built into the cultivars in the canola.ini file. It is now no longer necessary to specify this at sowing time.
  • Added canola validation


  • Fixed defect where a date format on a variable line wouldn’t work e.g. today as Date format dd-mmm
  • The REPORT module now outputs less than 3 decimal places for some units.
  • Users can now specify units for output variables with unit conversion happening automatically. Supported units: g/m2, kg/ha, t/ha


  • The SILOInput component now has better error handling in timeout situations when communicating with SILO.

CSIRO Plant Industry PASTURE and STOCK

  • SILO was modified so that it outputs solar radiation units as MJ/m^2 rather than MJ/m2. When APSIM met files have these revised units, PASTURE runs in APSIM properly.
  • Changed all references to Farmwi$e to now point to AusFarm


  • The Rickert and McKeon grazing model has been resurrected.
  • A usage sample is in its installation directory.


  • Fixed kill_crop in maize


  • Sysbal has been modified to report less false positives, particularly from PLANT


  • New cultivars have been added from CSIRO Plant Industry at Narrabri


  • The .ini file has been modified to fix the ‘sprayed’ class


  • Oryza is now released as part of APSIM, and works in ApsimUI.
  • Some minor modifications from Don Gaydon have been added.
  • A usage sample is in the installation directory.