23 Aug 2010 – APSIM 7.2 Release notes

APSIM 7.2 release notes

20th August 2010

This release of APSIM is a maintenance release with many defects fixed and some new functionality added.

The complete list of defects can be found here

Changes to the way soil nodes are visualised

One major change incorporated into APSIM 7.2 concerns the way the user interface displays soil information

In previous versions of APSIM, a soil was represented as a single soil node with a series of grid sheets for general, water, profile and other soil data. For example:

This has now changed to multiple nodes for different types of soil information

This has several major advantages over the old structure.

  • Each node in the tree can now have a different layer structure. For example, the water node (with BD, LL15 etc) can be on the normal deep layer structure, while the lab node (with NO3, NH4, Water) can be on a 0-10, 10-60. The user interface will map the different layer structures into a single consolidated one that APSIM can handle.
  • Different nodes can be added in as needed. For example, the user might add a “Phosphorus” node when needed. This saves always having to have it there just in case a user may want it at some time. Likewise the “SoilWat” node (which has SWCON, MWCON, CN2 etc) can be removed and replaced with a SWIM node that contains SWIM parameters. This will allow all the soils in the characterisation database to be used with the SWIM model – something that wasn’t possible in earlier versions of APSIM.