11 Nov 2009 – APSIM 7.1 Release notes

APSIM 7.1 release notes

13th November 2009

This release of APSIM is a maintenance release with many defects fixed. The complete list of defects:

ID Description Reported on Project Category
1040 Multiple Toolboxes highlighted in bottom toolbar 2009-10-12 3:20 PM User Interface Minor
1039 Lost ability to have multiple plots/panes on one screen? 2009-10-08 4:52 PM User Interface Bug
1037 F2 functionality not Windows standard 2009-10-08 4:25 PM User Interface Bug
1036 Default tree state for Output components 2009-10-08 4:22 PM User Interface Minor
1033 ApsimRun is very slow on Bob. 2009-09-18 11:23 AM Infrastructure Bug
1032 Need to add .NET optional [Input]’s 2009-09-16 4:41 PM Infrastructure Minor
1031 Putting an ini into the ApsimUI doesn’t work in new beta. 2009-09-15 9:36 AM User Interface Bug
1030 Error bars around observed data on graphs in ApsimUI 2009-09-11 2:28 PM User Interface Minor
1029 MetUI doesn’t see latitude changes until ApsimUI is restarted 2009-09-10 10:24 AM User Interface Bug
1028 Lucerne dormancy option does not work – error in lucerne.xml file 2009-09-07 11:28 AM Model Bug
1027 The cultivar drop down isn’t working in APSIM 7.1 sowing rules 2009-09-04 10:03 AM User Interface Bug
1014 Fertilizer variable in output file does not work in APSIM 7.0 2009-08-27 2:32 PM Model Bug
1008 Start Date after End Date in Clock module 2009-08-25 1:17 PM Model Bug
1001 APSIM has an upper bound for year that is too low. 2009-08-19 9:00 AM Model Bug
1000 Change the irrigate apply messgae to a proper message rather than an ApsimVariant. 2009-08-17 10:42 AM Model Minor
999 “sowing” event missing from sweet sorghum 2009-08-17 9:49 AM Model
998 Barley max_grain_size too large 2009-08-13 3:31 PM Model Bug
997 Current maximum soil C% too low for temperate soils 2009-08-13 1:35 PM Model Minor
981 maize & co2 sensitivity 2009-08-04 2:54 PM Model
979 remove registrations tags from .apsim files 2009-07-31 2:33 PM Model Minor
977 ConToSim.exe reverts con file version from 7.0 to 6.1 2009-07-28 5:06 PM Model Bug
976 UI goes missing 2009-07-24 3:16 PM User Interface Bug
975 hard coded paths in apsim.exe 2009-07-24 3:04 PM Model Bug
974 Vista issues with Apsim.xml 2009-07-24 3:00 PM Bug
973 Error in APSIM UI when a toolbox folder is unavailable 2009-07-24 11:42 AM Model Bug
972 Finding things in summary file 2009-07-23 9:34 AM Model Minor
970 replace fertilizer with fertiliser in standard toolbox 2009-07-18 3:36 PM User Interface Bug
969 Do APSIM6.1 consider the problem of frost risk? 2009-07-05 1:39 PM Model Bug
968 Add missing crops to ini.xml 2009-06-25 2:14 PM Model Bug
967 % complete/CPU monitor window 2009-06-25 10:03 AM Model Minor
966 Deleting fields from outputfile/variables 2009-06-19 12:42 PM User Interface Bug
965 Met data graphing 2009-06-19 12:17 PM User Interface Minor
964 Cannot rename Frank’s AgPasture to RyeGrass 2009-06-18 3:48 PM User Interface Bug
963 Add the ability to create multiple linked (or unlinked I guess) paddocks at a go 2009-06-18 2:07 PM User Interface Minor
961 Need a better way of the GUI finding types, toolboxes and ini xml files 2009-06-18 1:10 PM User Interface Major (requires RP approval)
960 TItle = not working for multi-paddock simulations 2009-06-16 2:09 PM Model Bug
959 It seems that when a simulation has more than 1 paddock, the apsimtosim writes the paddocks in reverse order 2009-06-16 1:22 PM User Interface Bug
958 Go through Examples looking for memo items and convert them to plain text 2009-05-25 5:26 PM Model Minor
957 Something wrong with using one of the Example simulations and doing a run straight away 2009-05-25 5:23 PM Model Bug
956 tell users about * and ? option for .out files 2009-05-25 5:18 PM Model
955 Output file variables are still in the list but there name is old 2009-05-25 3:15 PM Model Minor
954 In Graph controls the formating does not save 2009-05-25 3:10 PM Model
953 DAS start at 1 instead of 0 2009-05-25 3:07 PM Model Bug
952 Improved editing on starting soil watetr and starting soil n 2009-05-07 11:04 AM User Interface Minor
951 Add refinement to Apsim Search to do search on Google Scholar for Apsim 2009-04-28 4:56 PM Web site Bug
950 DAE bug in apsim7/oryza 2009-04-28 12:01 PM Model Bug
949 When you start and select a NewSimulation it crashes sometimes 2009-04-09 5:00 PM Model
948 Apsim 7.0 uninstall says it is going to uninstall Apsim 6 2009-04-09 12:11 PM Model Bug
946 (re)loading .apsim file fails 2009-04-09 11:50 AM User Interface Bug
945 Add graphs from Graph toolbox into all simulations in NewSimulations.xml 2009-04-09 11:47 AM User Interface Minor
943 Add new irrigation widgets 2009-04-09 11:25 AM User Interface Bug
941 create an apsim google search webpage 2009-03-19 5:00 PM User Interface Minor
940 create google groups forum for apsim 2009-03-19 4:54 PM User Interface Minor
936 create a new toolbox does not work. 2009-03-05 10:46 AM Model Bug
932 Would be nice to have separate reset messages in SoilWat, SoilN and SurfaceOM 2009-02-24 4:13 PM User Interface Minor
920 SOI phases file missing in v7 2009-02-06 12:10 PM Model Minor
458 Changing soil properties in existing soils 2008-12-05 9:10 AM Model Bug
454 I am having a problem with dlt_dm not resetting after and end crop command, or a harvest command in the oats module. 2008-12-03 2:39 PM Model Bug
445 Add phosphorus fertilisers to GUI drop down 2008-11-18 5:11 PM User Interface Minor
442 Establish Bambatsi pasture in Manager examples has incorrect planting density units 2008-11-05 9:47 AM Model Bug
438 please let me know where the problem lies. urgent 2008-09-22 10:03 PM Model Bug
437 Micromet (fortran to VB) 2008-09-22 4:53 PM Model
436 Sugar Validation 2008-09-22 4:48 PM Model
434 New Zealand Trip bugs and features 2008-09-12 11:17 AM User Interface Bug
423 paddock and simulation UI does not refresh after a drag and drop 2008-08-13 1:07 PM User Interface Bug
403 Weird irrigate reporting behaviour 2008-06-18 3:32 PM Model Bug
400 “Make the datatree shift and control clicking more like Windows Explorer” 2008-05-14 12:51 AM User Interface Bug
397 “Add Eo” 2008-04-27 10:25 PM User Interface Bug
393 “Plant::Stage is registered twice” 2007-12-05 6:55 AM Model Bug
390 “Soil Classification has undocumented string limit” 2008-04-02 1:35 AM Model Bug
387 ” Can you please return the PAW output on the ‘Initial Water’ page” 2007-12-05 6:40 AM User Interface Bug
383 “Weed doesn’t work in ApsimUI” 2008-03-10 5:49 AM User Interface Bug
379 “Can I ask for swdeficit in the outputted variables list?” 2007-12-05 6:33 AM User Interface Bug
378 “Change row spacing in Maize and Sorghum to mm” 2007-12-05 6:29 AM Model Bug
377 “How about using the entire tree that the summary and output files occur in to name the out and sum files” 2007-12-05 6:25 AM User Interface Minor
374 “Need a wet yield output in plant” 2007-10-29 10:37 PM Model Bug
372 “soil-free simulations” 2007-10-08 1:53 AM User Interface Bug
371 “NAN problem with Eo in met file” 2007-08-29 1:53 AM Model Bug
368 “Error when using a particular soil” 2007-06-20 11:31 AM Model Bug
365 “Rotation template opportunity cropping functionality broken” 2007-05-11 6:24 AM User Interface Bug
360 “N Balance problem in plant” 2007-05-10 5:15 AM Model Bug
344 “KL_UB rethink” 2007-03-02 4:39 AM Model Bug
343 “Plant mass balance issue at total senescence” 2007-03-01 5:36 AM Model Bug
342 “SurfaceOM does not maintain mass balance decomposing manure” 2007-02-28 11:50 AM Model Bug
339 “docs for soilwat/ks/mwcon missing” 2007-06-06 4:51 AM Model Bug
334 “APSIM can’t handle large numbers of output variables.” 2007-02-22 10:55 PM Model Bug
331 “Access Violation in MetUI – date format issue” 2007-02-22 10:49 PM User Interface Bug
328 “A ‘search and replace’ function in the GUI text editor would be nice……..” 2007-02-22 10:54 PM User Interface Bug
323 “Add ability to calculate a variable using an equation.” 2007-02-19 4:43 AM Model Bug
322 “Ability to have a property that returns the filename of an ApsimFileReader so that you can put this on a report.” 2007-02-15 10:55 PM Model Bug
321 “Ability to copy and paste pages of a report would be good.” 2007-02-15 10:55 PM Model Bug
317 “Add ability to calculation stats between 2 dates.” 2007-02-08 12:46 AM Model Bug
315 “PlantPart data members are not initialised” 2007-05-11 6:22 AM Model Bug
313 “SimCreator not working properly.” 2007-02-22 10:58 PM Model Bug
288 “Add Millet” 2006-11-01 7:00 AM User Interface
284 “Can’t sow a crop the day after it is ended (eg continuous pasture hack)” 2006-10-31 1:39 AM Model Bug
280 “nitrification output name is confusing” 2006-10-30 4:51 AM Model Bug
262 “Long soil name problem” 2006-10-24 6:30 AM User Interface Bug
255 “Crop_class is registered twice. ComponentInterface throws AV when quering crop_class” 2006-10-17 11:42 PM Model Bug
231 “crop modules registering “height” & canopy” 2006-10-09 6:12 AM Model Bug
217 “When I click on the clock module. I get the follwoing unhandled exception error. Cast from string “31/12/1993″ to type ‘Date’ is not valid” 2006-10-03 12:18 AM User Interface Bug
213 “Reporting a variable out of tracker which is a date produces an error in the year” 2006-10-03 12:18 AM Model Bug
204 “Need to think about incorporating targeted sets of “new simulations” into release to cater for Africa/India typical scenarios. Maybe a tree structure? Could new simulations be simply separate sim 2006-10-02 11:53 PM Model Bug
184 “Need to do something about date format – the workaround of changing regional format is ok for a workshop, but not for ongoing use by clients.” 2006-10-02 11:45 PM Model Bug
182 “If P is specified in soil characterisation, can’t run simulation without P (i.e. P non-limiting)” 2006-10-02 11:44 PM User Interface Bug
153 “Grain N 3% limit in grainpart.cpp needs to be externalised to ini file.” 2006-09-26 4:03 AM Model Bug

APSIM 7.0 release notes

24th April 2009

Directory restructure

The installed APSIM directory structure has changed. Under c:\program files\apsim70, there are directories called Model (for all binaries), Documentation, Examples and User Interface (for all user interface files). This change has resulted in a much smaller installation as the full testing suite no longer needs to be installed on users computers.

New module names

Several APSIM modules have been renamed.

  • SoilWat2 becomes SoilWat
  • SoilN2 becomes SoilN
  • Fertiliz becomes Fertiliser
  • PigeonP becomes PigeonPea
  • Irrigate becomes Irrigation
  • Operatns becomes Operations
  • APSwim becomes SWIM2
  • SoilT becomes SurfaceTemp

These changes will have no impact on those using the APSIM user interface. For those users who use CON/PAR files, their files will be automatically upgraded to use the new names.

APSIM runtime speed

APSIM 6.1 was somewhat slower at running simulations than APSIM 6.0. This has now been fixed so that APSIM 7 runtime speed is similar to APSIM 6.0.


Migration of the existing generic PLANT model to C#.net has begun. Currently two experimental crops (vine and broccoli) are now operating in PLANT2.


The ongoing development of PLANT has now moved to maintenance only. All new development efforts now focus on PLANT2.

User Interface

  • An APSIM.info Google web search capability has been added to the user interface under the help menu.
  • The link to ApsimOutlook has been removed from the user interface and replaced with a new “Insert New Graph” button.
  • Many new examples have been added to the user interface eg. upland and paddy rice simulations.
  • The Memo component in the user interface is now plain text so that the search capability can search for the text within the component.
  • In ApsimUI the predicted LL values for vertosols are now used if necessary when running APSIM.
  • In ApsimUI, multiple reporting frequencies are now supported and work correctly.
  • The graphics capability of the user interface has been reworked making it more flexible.
    • Charts can now be printed and exported to bitmap files.
    • Predicted / Observed charts are now supported.
    • Cumulative plots are now supported.
    • Depth plots have been fixed
    • Multiple plots are now supported on a single chart
    • Multiple charts can now be inserted on a report

New Graph option in Windows Explorer

A new graph option is now available in Windows Explorer when right clicking on .out files. This will load a new “ApsimGraph” package that allows you to build charts in a similar manner to APSVis. This package uses the same technology as the APSIM user interface. Graphs can be copied and pasted to simulation files if nedded.


A new runoff event has been added to SoilWat


  • SWIM capability has been added to Oryza.
  • Fix for cold temperature and grain sterility bugs.
  • Fix for spikelet sterility.


  • Dead stems are now eaten properly.
  • Supplements can be set from manager.


The APSIM user interface examples that use the STOCK and PASTURE models from AusFarm have been simplified making it easier to use these components. NB: AusFarm will need to be licensed and installed before running these models.

Incorp FOM event

The IncorpFOM (fresh organic matter) event has been redesigned and made more protocol friendly. Earlier versions of APSIM used the difficult ApsimVariant class for this event. Now a standard structure is used, making it easier to pick up in .NET and other models.

.NET component support

Considerable work has gone into simplifying the development of .NET components in APSIM. A document has been developed that describes the process of writing a .NET module for APSIM.


There have been several fixes for multi-paddock gets and sets.

MAKE files

All MAKE files in the build are now much simpler and directly support LINUX and WINDOWS build from a single MAKE file.

APSIM Outlook

APSIM Outlook is now longer released in APSIM and is not supported the the Software Engineering Group. All graph types can now be reproduced within the APSIM User Interface.