APSIM Advanced Workshops

We will be running the following workshops on March 26th and 27th:

Time Room 1 Room 2 Room 3
Thursday 9-12 Transition from APSIM Classic to Next Gen – FULL Crop rotations (APSIM 7.10) – FULL
Thursday 1:30-4:30 Agroforestry (APSIM Next Gen) Crop production, crop growth and development (APSIM Next Gen) – FULL Whole of Farm Modelling (CLEM) – FULL


Friday 9-12 Transition from APSIM 7.10 to APSIM Next Gen (Repeat) How to write manager scripts (APSIM 7:10) – FULL Livestock Modelling (APSIM Next Gen)
Friday 1:30-4:30 APSIM in Cloud Platforms (APSIM 7.10/Next Gen) Model Parameter sensitivity (APSIM Next Gen) – FULL

Due to the overwhelming interest in the Model Parameter sensitivity (APSIM Next Gen) workshop, we are now offering a second workshop.  This will be running on Friday morning.  If you wish to register for this, please email apsim@csiro.au so you can be issued with a separate invitation.

These workshops will be held at the QLD Biosciences Precinct at the University of Queensland (St Lucia).

Please note that most of the workshops will be limited to 15 attendees.

* If you are unable to register for a workshop, please email apsim@csiro.au to be put on a waiting list.  Depending on numbers, we may be able to offer additional workshops.


To register, please email apsim@csiro.au to be forwarded the online registration form.

Transition from APSIM Classic to Next Gen will be repeated, so please only register for one of these workshops.


Crop production, crop growth and development (APSIM Next Gen)

Suitable for both new users as well as those already familiar with APSIM, we will take you through how to setup and run a crop model.  The new interface will be mostly familiar to existing APSIM users, but there are significant changes to learn about, particularly in outputting and managing your results. Learn how to manage and analyse key events in the crop growth cycle.  You will also be introduced to the process of ongoing improvement to APSIM Next Gen, and how you will be able to contribute.

Crop rotations (APSIM 7.10)

Crop Rotations (Apsim 7.10) will demonstrate APSIM tools & technologies to simulate diverse rotations typically found in Nth Australia. The logic of the bubble chart sequencer is explained, techniques for debugging rotations discussed, tools for generation & analysis of bulk simulation outputs demonstrated. The bulk of the workshop will be devoted to work on each attendees individual dataset(s). Preliminary work on a crop rotation sequencer for APSIM Next Generation will also be demonstrated.

Livestock Modelling (APSIM Next Gen)

The livestock modelling in APSIM Next Gen. is an advanced feature that permits the building and testing of grazing or feedlot systems with the option to integrate these enterprises with cropping systems. The livestock model is the GrazPlan animal model that is well tested and has been used throughout Australia and New Zealand. This workshop will introduce the new Livestock Modelling capability and allow you to work on some example mixed farming systems. Participants must be familiar with APSIM Next Gen. and will get the most out of the workshop if they are already familiar with editing of Management scripts.

APSIM in Cloud Platforms (APSIM 7.10/Next Gen)

This workshop will go through a range of ways that APSIM users run APSIM simulations ‘on the cloud’.  We will cover how 3 of our APSIM Initiative member organisations tackle this challenge.  We will also demonstrate how to setup a Google Computer or Amazon computer node and remote desktop to it.  This workshop will be a lecture-style demonstration of three different ways of achieving cloud-based simulations. The workshop is intended for participants with expertise in setting up cloud-based solutions but who might want some information about APSIM.

Model Parameter sensitivity (APSIM Next Gen)

This session will introduce concepts of sensitivity analysis using the technique of Morris.  The method will be explained, as will some examples of use already available within the literature.  Finally, users will be introduced to the Morris Sensitivity tool available within APSIM Next Gen and will undertake their own simple “hands on” example.  Attendees will need to be familiar with APSIM Next Gen and are encouraged to have the latest version installed prior to the workshop.

Transition from APSIM Classic to Next Gen

This workshop presents an introduction to APSIM Next Generation and shows how to migrate a simulation from APSIM 7.10. This is a hands-on tutorial, allowing participants to run simulations in APSIM Next Generation, migrate a older .apsim file to the newer platform and ask questions.

Whole of Farm Modelling – CLEM (APSIM Next Gen)

This workshop introduces the Crop Livestock Enterprise Model (CLEM) module in APSIM Next Gen. We will discuss the challenges and approach taken to model the whole-farm across a range of farming systems from family owned subsistence farms to extensive beef systems, by tracking a range of farm resources through time as they are used or created from various farm activities and show how shortfalls in these resources influence the system.  As CLEM relies on other model output for aspects such as crop and pasture production, we will look at this linkage and plans to integrate directly with APSIM crop models. We will also discuss the individual-based ruminant model and herd management provided. This workshop also provides the opportunity to discuss the various visualisation and support components that have been added to CLEM to assist the user-base such as parameter validation, model descriptive summaries and visual display of model setup.

How to write manager scripts (APSIM 7.10)

How to write manager scripts (APSIM 7.10) will assist users in writing and debugging the manager logic that controls an apsim simulation. While it is not a workshop learning to write code (there are many free language courses on the net), it will explore a) the points of interface to the apsim system, and b) how the events within the system can be captured and extended.

Agroforestry (APSIM Next Gen)

The Agroforestry workshop will provide an introduction to plot-scale biophysical modelling of agroforestry systems using APSIM Next Generation. Demonstrations will show modelling of case studies in several contexts contrasting soils, weather, tree species and management, crop species and management, and output focus (e.g. biomass, yield, leaf area, soil water, sol nitrogen, greenhouse gases). If time, there might also be the opportunity to work on one or more case studies suggested by participants.


Details on Facilitators and RP support


Timing (26/27 March 2020) Main Facilitator/s Support
Transition from APSIM 7.10 to APSIM Next Gen  (FULL)


Thursday – 9-12 Dean Holzworth

Neil Huth

Loretta Clancy

Drew Holzworth

Shaun Verrall


Crop rotations (APSIM 7.10)  (FULL) Thursday – 9-12 Pete deVoil

Jeremy Whish

Jason Brider

Louis Kouadio

Phil Smethurst

Agroforestry (APSIM Next Gen) Thursday – 1:30-4:30 Phil Smethurst Neil Huth
Whole of Farm Modelling (CLEM) – (Next Gen)  (FULL) Thursday – 1:30-4:30 Di Prestwidge

Adam Liedloff

Elizabeth Meier

Shaun Verrall

Crop production, crop growth and development (APSIM Next Gen)  (FULL) Thursday – 1:30-4:30 Hamish Brown Jason Brider

Drew Holzworth

Transition from APSIM 7.10 to APSIM Next Gen Friday – 9-12 Dean Holzworth


Drew Holzworth

Shaun Verrall

Livestock Modelling (APSIM Next Gen) Friday – 9-12 Neville Herrmann

Eric Zurcher

Jason Brider

Adam Liedloff

How to write manager scripts (APSIM 7.10)  Friday – 9-12 Pete deVoil

Jeremy Whish

Louis Kouadio


Model Parameter sensitivity (APSIM Next Gen)  Friday – 9-12 Neil Huth Hamish Brown

David Johnston

APSIM in Cloud Platforms (APSIM 7:10/Next Gen) Friday – 1:30-4:30 Loretta Clancy

Val Snow

Drew Holzworth

Pete deVoil

Phil Smethurst

Adam Liedloff

Model Parameter sensitivity (APSIM Next Gen) (FULL) Friday – 1:30-4:30 Neil Huth Hamish Brown

David Johnston

Dean Holzworth


We also welcome suggestions for topics for future workshops. Any questions, please email apsim@csiro.au