APSIM users and developers will deal with three kinds of files

  • Code and binary files that make up the APSIM model and user interface .
  • Input data that is used for configuring APSIM simulations. Input data files can include .met, .apsimx and .xlsx, .csv, .dat as well as any other data formats.
  • Output data that is created when APSIM is run and stored in output files

Code and binary files located in and cloned from and and any improvements to this code are owned by the APSIM Initiative.

As provided for in the APSIM Click-wrap licences (non-commercial and commercial), ownership of the Input and Output data is not transferred to the APSIM Initiative and is not required to be shared with third parties.  The APSIM Initiative encourages collaboration and supports openly sharing data.  However, we do not provide storage for input and output data unless they are part of the APSIM test set.

All Input data that is in the test set and committed to GitHub (in and is licenced to the APSIM Initiative for AI Activities.  This includes use in model development, performance testing, documentation and the APSIM Model Review process.

We recognise that there may be cases where openly sharing data may not be feasible (due to ethical, data protection or confidentiality considerations), or because the data have been obtained from a third party and access restrictions apply.  If this is the case, please contact the APSIM Initiative ( prior to committing any data to GitHub.

Please be aware that committing data to GitHub will be under GitHub’s Terms and Conditions –