What is an APSIM Improvement?

The Non-Commercial R&D APSIM Licence defines Improvements as “means any developments, additions, alterations, reduction or compaction made to the Technology”. Technology is defined as “Science modules and infrastructure software in the Agricultural Production Systems Simulator (APSIM)”

Technology does not include the input data utilised, the new data generated utilising the Technology or outputs which include the New Data, publications, reports, look-up tables (electronic or paper), demonstrations or presentations and decision support systems; provided they do not contain the Technology or parts of the Technology or require the Technology to work or run.

More information on APSIM data can be found here.  Information on Source Code can be accessed here.

Simply, any files which have been downloaded from www.github.com/APSIMInitiative and modified would be considered an Improvement to the Technology. The orange box indicates AI owned IP. As a requirement of the licence agreement agreed to on download of APSIM, this IP is required to be contributed to the APSIM Initiative. The process for contributing this IP to the APSIM Initiative can be found here.

Any Improvements to APSIM are required to be unencumbered and the contributing party warrants that the IP being contributed does not and will not infringe any third party IPR rights. This is a requirement of the Non-Commercial R&D APSIM Licence as agreed to when downloading APSIM.