New Crop Modelling Papers

If you’re interested in Crop Modelling, you may like to read the following paper:

Hammer, G., Messina, C., Wu, A., and Cooper, M. (2019) Biological reality and parsimony in crop models – why we need both in crop improvement! In Silico Plants 2019: diz010. doi: 10.1093/insilicoplants/diz010    This paper describes how if models structured to readily allow variation in the biological level of process algorithms, while using coding and computational
advances to facilitate high-speed simulation, could well provide the structure needed for the next generation of crop models needed to support and enhance advances in crop improvement technologies.

Another paper of interest is on the impacts of enhancing photosynthesis on crop yield.  This development will be soon be part of the APSIM 7.10 release.

Wu, A., Hammer, G.L., Doherty, A., von Caemmerer, S., and Farquhar, G.D. (2019) Quantifying impacts of enhancing photosynthesis on crop yield. Nature Plants, 5: 380–388.