How to join a APSIM GitHub team

Did you know that you can join an APSIM GitHub team?  As you know, you are able to ask questions on a specific model on the issues page however, many times a question or enquiry is broader than a single model.

These teams have been set up to enable discussion around issues that are relevant to a broad range of crops or areas with strong modelling similarities.  We have set up the following teams:  Cereals; Legumes; Livestock and forages; Pest and diseases; Soil; Other Crops

We hope that these teams will facilitate the interaction between the science development and the software implementation.  We welcome all interested parties to join a team and participate in a discussion.  The list of teams can be found here:

To join, email and ask to be added. Members of the “APSIM Initiative GitHub Organisation” can click the “request to join” button on the team page.

Any questions, please email