Update for APSIM Symposium and/or Workshops

Please note the new cut-off date of 23 February 2020 for registration.

Paper submission for the 1 day Symposium has two deadline dates – those submitted by 15 December 2019 will have higher priority for speaking slots, those submitted by the final date of 15 January 2020 will be allocated to speaker or poster slots depending on availability. All submissions will be assessed for fit with the session theme and relevance to the audience and will be lightly reviewed (i.e.. for clarity and language). The 2-page template can be downloaded from – https://www.apsim.info/support/apsim-symposium-and-advanced-training-workshops/apsim-symposium/ Presentation slot will be approx. 15 min in length, which should include time for one or two Q&As.

There are eight, half-day workshops on offer – details can be found at – https://www.apsim.info/support/apsim-symposium-and-advanced-training-workshops/apsim-advanced-workshops/

To register, please email apsim@csiro.au to be forwarded the online registration form.

Any questions or queries, please email apsim@csiro.au.