No More Major APSIM Classic Releases

Now that the majority of development is occurring in APSIM Next Gen, development of APSIM Classic has largely ceased.  Yet, bugfixes and minor improvements for classic are still being made, and without any prospect of a new major release, development of the model has moved to a Continuous Release pattern – in much the same manner as Next Gen’s frequent “upgrades” –  addressing incremental updates as they occur. Unlike Next Gen’s simple update process, Classic users must download and install updates from the website. The updates can be installed alongside older versions.

New users of classic are still required to agree to the license terms in the Product Registration page, and download the original 7.10 release. Once registered, the user can subsequently upgrade from the Upgrades Page. Each “Release” on that page has a link to the GitHub issue (ie. bug) that it addresses. The bugfixes are cumulative.

Questions and answers concerning APSIM Classic can likewise be found on the GitHub issue page.