A new article has been published which reviews the effect of increasing the precision of nitrogen (N) fertiliser management in […]

A new paper has been published which provides a protocol with guidelines for building a soil description for APSIM. This […]

A new video in the Online Seminar Series is now available.  Adam Liedloff has provided a new video on CLEM […]

The Eucalyptus model was recently expanded to include the temperate genotypes E. globulus and E. nitens, the validation for which […]

Did you know that APSIM paper has passed the 1000 citations milestone on Google Scholar? The APSIM citation as well […]

So far in 2021, the following models have been released in APSIM Next Generation: Stock Peanut Chickpea Soybean Grapevine Gliricidia […]

The authors developed, calibrated and evaluated a new modelling algorithm to predict dissolved inorganic nitrogen (DIN) in runoff losses from […]

The University of Queensland are currently offering a PhD scholarship to study fruit tree growth and yield through plant modelling […]

Canola Field

The APSIM Initiative in conjunction with the Agronomy for Sustainable Development (2020 Impact Factor of 5.83) are pleased to announce […]