The APSIM report module creates a columnar output file to record data from an APSIM simulation.
Output files contain data in columns with headers specifying variable names and units. The format is called space separated where each value or word is separated by one or more spaces (blanks). These files are the same format as used for input module files.
There is an option to create the files in CSV (comma delimited) format, for direct spreadsheet application.

Parameter file settings

The APSIM report module can report the state of any variable available to the system, from any module.
The user can specify various reporting parameters and the method for doing this is similar to the initialisation of parameters in any other module.

Instantiation of the Report module

Like all other APSIM modules, the report module can be instantiated to allow any number of output files to be created.
You can specify more than one output file in any given simulation. This is useful for grouping certain types of variables together for analysis or for different reporting frequencies. So for example you might group all your soil nitrogen variables into one .out file, and all your soil water variables into another. Or you might have one output file containing daily data and another that contains harvest data.

You can specify a comma separated output file instead of a space delimited output file (the default). This is helpful when using statistics packages such as R and S+ which prefer comma separated files for inputting. In the User Interface under the “Variables” sub component (where you specify what variables to output) of the outputfile component, there is a section at the top called “Constants to put in the top of the output file:”. In this section type in:

format = csv

This will then turn the output file into a comma separated file.

Optionally you set the precision (number of decimal places) outputted for all the variables by also typing in here:

precision = 5

This will make all the variables output values to 5 decimal places. To just alter the precision for an individual variable, then next to the variable in the variable list you just need to add “format 5”. eg. to make the yield ouput to 5 decimal places you would type into the variable list:

yield format 5