Stock Model for APSIM Next Generation is now in Release

The Stock model is an implementation of the CSIRO’s Australian Feeding Standards as expressed in the Grazplan model.

This new model allows full interaction with other models within the APSIM environment. Animals show the full range of growth, reproduction and death processes and the basic management actions (mating, weaning, moving, feeding supplements, selling and buying) have been implemented. All crop/plant models in APSIM Next Generation have a ‘damage’ interface implemented and so allow grazing as soon as the Stock are moved to the same location (zone or paddock) as the crop.

Different animal species, genotypes and ages can be modelled together and various management systems implemented, including, but not limited to, forage crop grazing, rotational grazing, moving stock from paddock to feedlot and back again. Management can be simulated via Operations managers or scripts. The collection of simulations in the Stock example shows examples of simulating three different management regimes (forage grazing, rotational grazing and a wheat/feedlot system) using scripts.

For more information, please see the documentation here: