Crop Modelling to Support Crop Improvement Workshop

Kingaroy, Queensland 4-5 Dec 2013

A workshop was held to review and discuss the physiological framework underpinning the dynamic crop growth and development modules in APSIM and avenues for utilising this capability to support plant breeding and crop improvement in general.

Attendees included scientists and students from the University of Queensland (UQ), University of Southern Queensland (USQ), Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Queensland (DAFFQ).

Presenters were Prof Graeme Hammer UQ, Dr Karine Chenu UQ, Dr Yash Chauhan DAFFQ and Greg McLean DAFFQ.

The workshop was held as part of the GRDC project UQ00065 Modelling support for the Australian Grains Industry. The Workshop program and presentations are attached.

Kingaroy Workshop Program

Modelling Workshop I – Physiol determinants

Modelling Workshop II – ECharac

Workshop II – Mungbean Example

Modelling Workshop III – Staygreen Trait Dissection

Modelling Workshop III – Wheat

Modelling Workshop IV – Simulating GxMxE

Modelling Workshop IV – Wheat Adaptation

Modelling Workshop V – specific adaptation