APSIMx: R package for APSIM “Next Generation”

Are you a user of APSIM-X (“Next Generation”)? Are you a frequent user of R? Are you hoping for APSIM-X and R to interact with each other?

Then the answer is the apsimx package, which allows you to inspect, edit, run and read files created by APSIM-X (.apsimx) files. New .apsimx files are based on the JSON (JavaScript Object Notation https://www.json.org/) format and it is used to communicate information to the APSIM-X engine. By using the ‘jsonlite’ R package apsimx can read and write (‘inspect’ and ‘edit’) files in this format. The older format based on XML is partially supported through the ‘xml2’ package. To run simulations the apsimx function is available and results from the simulation can be imported as an R object with a dedicated function (read_apsimx). If you need to write scripts (regardless of whether you use the apsimx package or not) the vignette ‘writing scripts’ might be useful. The package is currently being developed and available at: https://github.com/femiguez/apsimx. If you have any questions or comments write to: femiguez@iastate.edu