Commercial Use

The APSIM Initiative allows commercial use of APSIM for an annual fee. Price structure is per single business entity.  In Australia, a single entity is defined as an organisation having a single ABN.  Internationally, it is a company with a single registration number.

The APSIM Initiative Steering Committee have set the following standardised pricing:

Size of contracting business Use and Development of APSIM

(Improvements owned by the APSIM Initiative)

<$2 million turnover $AU 3K/year
$2-40 million turnover $AU 10K/year
>$40 million turnover $AU 25K/year

You will need to provide the following information:

  • Company Name and Registration Number  (if Australian entity this would be the ABN)
  • Company’s Representative – Name, Position, Email – this will be the person to whom the notices/invoices will be sent
  • Provide the size of the Company’s turnover.

Once you have completed the online process, an invoice will be forwarded to the email address you provide.

Please note that this licence is only valid for one year.  An invoice for the annual licence fee will be issued automatically and, if you wish to continue commercial use of APSIM, you must pay the invoice.  If you do not wish to continue using APSIM commercially, please notify by emailing

How to register and download APSIM:

Once you have registered and agreed to the terms and conditions, instructions for downloading the software will be sent to the email address you provided.  Please note that downloading of the APSIM Software indicates the Licensee’s acceptance of these terms and conditions and agreement to pay the annual licence fee.  The full terms and conditions can be downloaded here.

What is Commercial Use?

Commercial use is any use of APSIM in any fee bearing work.  This is both for internal or external use.  As an example, if APSIM is utilised internally to inform a commercial decision, then that use would be considered commercial use.

Two examples are given below

  1. Consultancy/Services – Projects fully funded by a third party. Please remember that any APSIM Improvements will be owned by the APSIM Initiative and are required to be returned to the AI.
  2. Internal use of New Outputs – Internal use of outputs to drive investment and decision making to validate scenarios & create competitive advantage resulting in economic return; Use of outputs to provide services in a commercial environment resulting in economic return.

Example applications of Commercial use include the following

  • APSIM is run as part of a service or product, such as a web interface that calls APSIM, in a commercial environment resulting in a commercial return.
  • A product that utilises a database that has been derived from the utilisation of APSIM outputs.  If the use of this product does result in an economic return, then the use would be classified as Commercial.
  • If APSIM code is incorporated into your product or used in the development of a new product and if this product is utilised commercially, then this use would be considered a commercial use of APSIM.


Models unavailable for Commercial Use

Unfortunately the APSIM Initiative is unable to provide Rice (ORYZA) for commercial purposes.

Any questions or for more information, please email