Using TAMET2


This program was originally developed by B. H. Wall of the CSIRO Div. of Tropical Crops and Pastures in 1977. While the original fortran implementation would produce a (long winded) report, this more modern version comes as a simple GUI that displays potential errors in place, allowing you to directly edit the data and save your changes.


Using the program is simple – After met files are opened (through the file menu), the data is scanned by pressing the lower right button:


Once the file is scanned, the “prev” and “next” buttons allow you to move quickly between any warnings tamet has found. You can make changes to the data and save it.


Parameters for each of the tests can be changed in the ‘Parameters’ panel. The file needs to be ‘scanned’ again before the results of these changes are seen.


The complete list of tests is listed in the ‘Notes’ panel. A thorough description is provided in Wall’s 1977 document, published as –


Wall, B.H. "TAMET: Computer program for processing meteorological data." CSIRO

Australia. Division of Tropical Crops and Pastures.Tropical Agronomy Technical Memorandum

(1977): No. 4, 13p.