Step 1.

Enter the years of data you require:

From To

Step 2.

Enter the latitude and longitude of the point of interest, using either decimal degrees, or degrees and minutes.

NB. The input boxes are linked and the position is taken to the nearest 0.05 degrees (or 3 minutes)

Latitude Longitude
(no - sign)
EAST decimal degrees
eg 153.05O
(no - sign)
EAST degrees:minutes
eg 153 o 3'
(Either press TAB, or click outside these input boxes
to update all latitudes and longitudes)

Geoscience Australia has utilities to display latitude and longitude of Australian locations

Step 3.

Enter site as a filename for email attachments here: 

Step 4.

Enter your email address: 

The data will be emailed to this address shortly after you complete the next step.

Step 5.