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Task ID:  980  Add spatial information component    
Created by hut104 on 2009-07-31 3:22 PM, 3486 days ago
Project:  Module Code
Category:  Minor
Priority:  [no priority]
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Status:  Submitted
Apsim Version:7
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 comment 31005 posted by hol353 on 2009-09-23 3:10 PM, 3432 days ago 
merged bug 364 into this bug:
"Irrigate cannot be used with stock"
 comment 30727 posted by hut104 on 2009-07-31 3:24 PM, 3486 days ago 
Several changes are required to enable a simple spatial information component in apsim
1) Change the name of the "area" type to "paddock" in the .apsim files.
2) Add area and slope nodes into every apsim paddock (change tool)
3) Change area/paddock ui to use the generic UI.
 comment 357 posted by admin on 2007-05-11 6:23 AM, 4299 days ago 
"Irrigate cannot be used with stockWhen Irrigate is specified in the same simulation as stock, stock crashes on initialisation when it askes for "area" and irrigate responds. Stock is looking for a paddock component that owns "area" and irrigate owns a variable called "area".Version: 5.2Found By:John HargreavesContact:"