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Task ID:  969  Do APSIM6.1 consider the problem of frost risk?    
Created by guest on 2009-07-05 1:39 PM, 3482 days ago
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 comment 31062 posted by devoil on 2009-10-06 9:48 AM, 3389 days ago 
There are a range of issue, but we have inadequate data to model these processes. When enough data is available we will address the issue. You are welcome to contribute to this data, if so, please include your email address.
 comment 30700 posted by guest on 2009-07-05 1:41 PM, 3482 days ago 
I want to know does APSIM_WHEAT consider the problem of frost risk ?
Because I did some simulation in China,I found  the day of sowing is
more earlier ,the wheat yield will get more.
So I think if the model consider the frost risk .The wheat will get
frosted in winter if you sowing too earlier and the yield will