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Task ID:  947  "Need changes to SurfaceOM's add_residue method"    
Created by ver078 on 2009-04-09 11:56 AM, 3569 days ago
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 comment 30643 posted by ver078 on 2009-04-09 11:56 AM, 3569 days ago 
Need changes to SurfaceOM's add_residue method

Basically we need to be able to put all the residue type info (e.g. mineral N concs and fractionation info)
into the add_surfaceom method so that manure of a given type can be added, but the info with the method is
used instead of the constants in the ini file.  Should be straight forward.

See email below.

Hi Neil,

Thanks for the reply. If at some point you could add these options to the add_surfaceom method that would be great.
The reason for this (briefly) is that I am linking APSIM via venlink to a VENSIM model that amongst other things includes livestock production. The livestock production model simulates the manure C and N fractionation, and also the amount of urine N (which is primarily urea/NH4). It is not a problem that I can’t do this at present, I just wanted to check. I can conserve nitrogen by adding the urine nitrogen to the organic manure nitrogen i.e. adjusting the CN ratio. At a later point if this becomes an option I can adjust the model.
Overall what I am doing is studying smallholder farming systems in Mexico that include crops and livestock. I am simultaneously simulating maize and pasture and using venlink to establish daily interactions between crops and livestock e.g. putting manure on the livestock, using stover from the maize to feed to animals etc. It’s part of my PhD – I am close to bringing it all together, so hopefully it will work!


From: Neil Huth []
Sent: Thursday, 27 September 2007 8:14 PM
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 At present there appears to be no way to do exactly what you require.  It might be best for you to send an example of what you might require. Are you basically just wanting the C and N fractionation, and mineral N concs etc just added to the add_surfaceom method??


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RE: more questions
Date:Sat, 22 Sep 2007 23:19:34 -0400
From:David Parsons <>
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I have a question regarding specifying the quality of manure.
I know that in the constant file I can create a new manure type and specify the carbon ratios in the pools, and NH4, NO3 etc.
What I am wondering is if instead of these being constants it is possible to be able to specify these as variables
(I know I can specify C:N and C:P as variables). I will have manure quality information that will enter APSIM through Venlink,
and this will change during the simulation.

Possible or no?

David Parsons