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Task ID:  6218  Users with non-AU date locales are unable to use dates in a met file    
Created by fai04d on 2017-08-02 3:00 PM, 563 days ago
Project:  Infrastructure
Category:  Bug
Priority:  medium
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Status:  Submitted
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 comment 42647 posted by fai04d on 2017-08-02 3:00 PM, 563 days ago 
Dates are parsed twice by APSIM; first by the met model and also by the UI. Now that APSIM is able to use dates instead of year/day, users with non-Australian windows settings are unable to run any met file with a date column.

The met model seems to only be able to parse dates of the format dd/mm/yyyy. A user with a different format gets this error for example: yyyy/mm/dd     specific cast is not valid

If that user then changes the date to dd/mm/yyyy, but their regional settings are yyyy/mm/dd, they then get this error: dd/mm/YYYY     APSIM fatal error                 Cannot find data in INPUT file for date 2013-Jan-01

So unless their regional settings use the AU format, at least one of the parsers will fail. The only work around is to remove the date column and use year/day format.