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Task ID:  6196  ComponentInterface2 not handling 64-bit pointers correctly    
Created by zur003 on 2017-02-16 3:46 PM, 729 days ago
Project:  Module Code
Category:  Bug
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Status:  closed
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 comment 42517 posted by zur003 on 2017-02-17 2:04 PM, 729 days ago 

Resolved in R4009.

 comment 42515 posted by zur003 on 2017-02-16 3:46 PM, 729 days ago 

ComponentInterface2 is trying to store pointers as "unsigned int". There is no guarantee that a 64-bit pointer will fit into an unsigned, and in fact newer versions of g++ on Linux generate code that will fail as a result. (These failures may not be highly apparent, as they occur when components are deleted at the end of a simulation.)