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Task ID:  6192  UI "Link all ..." doesn't link soil child components.    
Created by har297 on 2016-11-24 9:46 PM, 819 days ago
Project:  User Interface
Category:  Bug
Priority:  [no priority]
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Status:  re-opened
Apsim Version:7.8
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file 42605 attached by peter.devoil on 2017-04-27 3:43 PM, 665 days ago 

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 comment 42604 posted by peter.devoil on 2017-04-27 3:42 PM, 665 days ago 

Seems to be broken in r4039. Take a new simulation (eg continuous maize), duplicate it, select 1st simulation, "link all"...

All top-level ocomponents are linked, except outputfile. All soil (except initial water) components are unlinked

Outputfile and "My Variables" aren't linked



 comment 42603 posted by hol353 on 2017-04-24 8:18 AM, 669 days ago 

Fixed in R4039

 comment 42496 posted by har297 on 2016-11-24 9:46 PM, 819 days ago 

When the "Link all if possible" menu item is used to link like components across a number of simulations, the soil top level component is linked but not the child components (water, soilwater, etc), when they are identical to the soil component children in the parent soil.