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Task ID:  6191  ApsimFileReader loses default file    
Created by har297 on 2016-11-18 3:48 PM, 789 days ago
Project:  User Interface
Category:  Bug
Priority:  [no priority]
Assigned to:  [not assigned]  
Status:  Submitted
Apsim Version:7.8
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 comment 42495 posted by har297 on 2016-11-24 9:41 PM, 783 days ago 

I have a suspicion this may happen when the component is linked back to another simulation. Haven't done any tests on this idea.

 comment 42494 posted by har297 on 2016-11-18 3:48 PM, 789 days ago 

If the ApsimFileReader component in the XY graph (which is child of an outputfile component) has browsed to one or more files and then these filenames are deleted, the default outputfile is not opened and no data is displayed.

A workaround is to add a new ApsimFileReader component from the toolbox and delete the old one.