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Task ID:  4140  Documentation links don't work    
Created by her123 on 2016-03-23 3:59 PM, 1030 days ago
Project:  Module Code
Category:  Bug
Priority:  [no priority]
Assigned to:  hol353  
Status:  closed
Apsim Version:7.8
Your Name:Neville
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 comment 42587 posted by hol353 on 2017-04-21 3:22 PM, 636 days ago 

Fixed in R3899

 comment 40391 posted by zur003 on 2016-05-12 1:59 PM, 980 days ago 

Most of the links to documentation have been updated in revision 3899. The old links to sensibility runs have been commented out, as that material no longer appears to be available.

 comment 40324 posted by her123 on 2016-03-23 3:59 PM, 1030 days ago 
Documentation for the met component at,CropandSoil/InfrastuctureandManagementDocumentation/MET.aspx
needs to be updated.

None of the documentation links work for Maize. Are there more links that need updating?