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Task ID:  4122  allow single/multi threaded condor jobs    
Created by devoilp on 2016-02-24 5:30 PM, 1089 days ago
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Category:  Bug
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 comment 40352 posted by peter.devoil on 2016-04-01 1:33 PM, 1052 days ago 

finished in r3871

 comment 40139 posted by devoilp on 2016-02-24 5:30 PM, 1089 days ago 

This is the 1st step to running apsim on the PBS clusters at UQ, which has a "whole machine is allocated to you" paradigm.

Condor can use this same paradigm, with the extra benefit of not having to download an apsim to the executing machine so many times. The apsimUI condor job generator should use the "threaded" scheduler in Apsim.exe, instead of just running single instances (ie one for  each "queue" command).

The way it works is to generate a batch file with multiple simulations for each Apsim.exe invocation.

The condor side requiresd extra tags in the condor matchmaking process. Full details here:

In short, if you're already rolling your own submit files, there would be no change.

If you're using ApsimUI, the batch files generated will be different, and they'll be dedicated to our cluster in toowoomba.