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Task ID:  2056  Plant growth modules should be able to make use of externally provided vapour pressure values    
Created by zur003 on 2015-04-13 9:21 AM, 1404 days ago
Project:  Module Code
Category:  Minor
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 comment 35945 posted by zur003 on 2015-05-28 11:41 AM, 1359 days ago 

Revisions 3669 through 3671 implement this for plant, sorghum and maizez. Leaving this open for now, as it could be implemented for other crop components.

 comment 35899 posted by zur003 on 2015-04-13 9:21 AM, 1404 days ago 

The main APSIM plant models compute vapour pressure deficit, using a value for vapour pressure calculated on the implicit assumption that the daily minimum temperature corresponds to the dew point. This assumption breaks down in the more arid parts of Australia. VP estimates are now widely available from weather databases (e.g., SILO), and it should be possible to optionally make use of these values when they are provided.