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Task ID:  2043  Regional settings problems in GUI    
Created by hol353 on 2015-03-12 11:34 AM, 1438 days ago
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Category:  Bug
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 comment 35806 posted by hol353 on 2015-03-12 11:34 AM, 1438 days ago 
From NeilH following Brazil training workshop:
1) The generic UI seems to not account for "." vs "," in numbers. You 
can keep going if you just use the one already used in the UI. So if the 
numbers have a "," use a ",".  The soil UI seems to be mostly right for 
this, except the initial N UI seems to have "." even on Brazilian windows.
2) The oil palm model will not run if the regional settings are 
Portugese (Brazillian).
3) The model may run OK on Portugese (Brazil) regional settings, and the 
numbers in the output file will be OK, but the graph screws up. The 
output file will have "." in decimal numbers, but the graph UI will see 
these as thousands and so all the results are graphed 1000 time higher 
than they should be.
4) If a PC has regional settings with date as mm/dd/yyyy the operations model uses date of 1/1/0.  It appears to only allow dates as dd/mm/yyyy.
5) If you have a met file with the place name in the header and that place name is Portugese and therefore has a name with an accent on one of the vowels (e.g. with a funny accent thing above the "a") the met file throws an error when you click it in the GUI. It throws an error saying there is a problem at record 0.I think the model would probably run, but the UI throws.