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Task ID:  1922  Outputfile scrolling suggestion    
Created by fai04d on 2014-07-14 3:16 PM, 1648 days ago
Project:  User Interface
Category:  Minor
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 comment 35434 posted by fai04d on 2014-07-14 3:16 PM, 1648 days ago 
Submitted by Allan Peake:

The suggestion is: when we are scrolling through the output file within the UI, the column headings disappear immediately when you scroll down.

Would it be possible to make the column headings stay still while the rest of the data still scrolls by? Often when I am doing quick checks, I like to check this file, but I am constantly going up and down double checking I am still in the right column. You could add the first two columns into this ‘lock’ as well so that the date/year is still visible when you scroll sideways.