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Task ID:  1817  No maize response to Cl when using SWIM3    
Created by fai04d on 2014-01-13 4:57 PM, 1865 days ago
Project:  Module Code
Category:  Bug
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 comment 35080 posted by fai04d on 2014-02-12 9:51 AM, 1836 days ago 
Previous fix showed an error in SoilP interactions with low P concentrations in non-SWIM simulations. The error manifests as deviations in plant growth caused by an unknown change in dlt_dm_water the day after emergence. Despite a fair bit of debugging we have been unable to identify the root cause of this deviation. As a user needs the SWIM fix and due to a lack of time to continue debugging, we have implmented a workaround that only uses the new code when SWIM or the new soil arbitrator is being used. This is not a solution and will need to be revisited at some time in the future.

IMPORTANT: The effect of SoilP on simulations containing SWIM is unknown. It is expected that any output from this scenario will not be valid!
 comment 35055 posted by fai04d on 2014-01-13 4:57 PM, 1865 days ago 
Commiting fix written by Neil Huth.