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Task ID:  1787  The cotton module in APSIM doesn't talk to SWIM3    
Created by hol353 on 2013-10-09 8:28 AM, 1926 days ago
Project:  Module Code
Category:  Bug
Priority:  [no priority]
Assigned to:  joh491  
Status:  Submitted
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 comment 40321 posted by joh491 on 2016-03-23 2:07 PM, 1030 days ago 

Cotton (OZCOT) does not use 'kl' extraction and so does not generate the values required to be passed to SWIM modules.

Enhancement to the model is planned. Target release date is June 2016.

 comment 34936 posted by hol353 on 2013-10-09 8:28 AM, 1926 days ago 

From Henrike Mielenz (CES):

Hi Dean,

I tried to simulate a cotton crop while using SWIM3 as water module. I got the following error message:

                      APSIM Warning Error


     Cannot set value of the specified variable.

     Variable name: dlt_sw_dep

     Component name: cotton



The simulation worked before, when I simulated wheat, I got this error only after including a cotton crop. Perhaps it is a bug in the model? I do not need a solution at the moment, but I wanted to inform someone and thought you were perhaps the right person to tell.


Kind regards



Dr Henrike Mielenz

Postdoctoral Fellow | Agricultural Systems Program

Ecosystem Sciences