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Task ID:  1671  Millet N response is stuffed    
Created by har297 on 2013-03-11 6:04 PM, 2167 days ago
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Category:  Bug
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file 34489 attached by har297 on 2013-03-14 5:38 PM, 2164 days ago 
Millet N rate example

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 comment 34481 posted by fai04d on 2013-03-14 12:47 PM, 2165 days ago 
John, click 'add attachment' in the menu to the left of the task description.
 comment 34454 posted by har297 on 2013-03-11 6:04 PM, 2167 days ago 

Dilys McCarthy (Ghana) was running millet and getting no N response over 50 kg/ha for a low fertility soil. The stress table still showed N stress at 100 kg/ha N (no water stress). I can supply simulation and met file on request (can't find how to upload it here).