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Task ID:  1036  Default tree state for Output components    
Created by sno036 on 2009-10-08 4:22 PM, 3423 days ago
Project:  User Interface
Category:  Minor
Priority:  medium
Assigned to:  hol353  
Status:  closed
Apsim Version:7.1
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 comment 31141 posted by hol353 on 2009-10-12 5:10 PM, 3419 days ago 
Done as per your suggestion.
 comment 31128 posted by sno036 on 2009-10-08 4:22 PM, 3423 days ago 
At the moment everytime a simulation is opened the tree is fully exanded.  Particularly when there are a number of Output components this can make the tree rather long a so it gets harder to fidn what you are after.  My suggestion is that the default/opening state is that only the paddock is expanded and the components within the paddock (outputs, manager folder etc) are collapsed.  For multi-paddock simulations I expect that I would prefer the paddocks to be collapsedas well.