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Task ID:  1030  Error bars around observed data on graphs in ApsimUI    
Created by hol353 on 2009-09-11 2:28 PM, 3450 days ago
Project:  User Interface
Category:  Minor
Priority:  medium
Assigned to:  hol353  
Status:  closed
Apsim Version:7
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 comment 30842 posted by hol353 on 2009-09-17 10:45 AM, 3445 days ago 
merged bug 1021 into this bug:
Add capacity to put error bars on observed values in GUI graphs
 comment 30834 posted by hol353 on 2009-09-11 4:39 PM, 3450 days ago 
I've added the ability to have error bars on the graphs in the APSIM user interface. If it finds a column in the observed file with the column name ending in "Error" (NB it is case sensitive) then it will display error bars for that column. e.g. If your observed column is called Biomass and you also have a column called BiomassError, then you'll get error bars.
 comment 30800 posted by guest on 2009-09-02 6:59 PM, 3459 days ago 
It would be really useful is being able to put error bars on observed values.  From a user point of view it would be easiest to generate a seperate file with observed error values for a coresponding file of observed means.  Not sure what the simplest way to programe this feature would be but any way of doing it would be great.