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id desc project category reported by reported on
1504Improve AusFarm component supprtModule CodeMinorNeville: Neville H2012-03-16 3:38 PM
1715crop management with manager2Module CodeBugPeter: 2013-05-15 1:09 PM
1931Port SWIM3 to .NetModule CodeMinorEric: Eric Zurcher2014-07-28 9:46 AM
2051Remove unecessay use of boostModule CodeMinorNeville: Neville H2015-03-25 1:44 PM
2059Changes to email distribution listModule CodeBugDean: 2015-04-20 8:19 AM
4094Update photosynthesis calculation (per species) plus outputs (growth factors)Module CodeBug: Rogerio2015-10-10 7:53 AM
4096Cotton2 (MvCotton) is not available in Crops toolboxUser InterfaceBugJohn: 2015-10-12 10:14 PM
4122allow single/multi threaded condor jobsModule CodeBug: 2016-02-24 5:30 PM
4133Bump version number to 7.8Module CodeMinorDean: 2016-03-16 3:21 PM
4134Patch merging in SoilNitrogenModule CodeMinorVal: 2016-03-19 1:45 PM
4136Create release notes for APSIM 7.8 and fix sunflower validationModule CodeMinorDean: 2016-03-23 8:41 AM
4137Installer needs updateModule CodeMinorNeville: 2016-03-23 12:12 PM
4138Cotton fertilising in cotton examples is adding a -ve amountModule CodeBugNeville: Neville2016-03-23 3:57 PM
4139Climate change component script faultyModule CodeBugNeville: Neville2016-03-23 3:58 PM
4140Documentation links don't workModule CodeBugNeville: Neville2016-03-23 3:59 PM
4143Problem with getting revision numberModule CodeBugEric: 2016-03-29 4:03 PM
4144Cotton and TextOut don't work in 64-bit Linux buildsModule CodeBugEric: 2016-03-30 2:13 PM
4145Cotton report on harvest reports every day.Module CodeBugJustin: 2016-03-31 2:28 PM
4146Allow more keys in factorial namesModule CodeBug: Peter deVoil2016-04-08 4:31 PM
4148Add an example for the gridded paddock simulationUser InterfaceMinorVal: 2016-04-12 11:53 AM
4150New Biochar model for APSIM.Module CodeMajor (requires RP approval)Dean: Sotirios Archontoulis2016-04-28 12:49 PM
4151Some manager 1 scripts gives errors in 7.8User InterfaceBugJustin: 2016-05-03 3:12 PM
4152Chickpea module cant be found by manager2:linkByName()Module CodeBug: Peter deVoil2016-05-04 8:01 PM
4155CottonUI cannot add new cultivars via the component UI grid User InterfaceBugDavid: 2016-05-06 9:04 AM
4157Fix maize water table effectsModule CodeBugDean: 2016-05-10 8:43 AM
4160Potato component not in Standard toolbox crops folder.Module CodeBugJohn: 2016-05-18 9:51 PM
4161siloInput causes a co2 missing value ErrorModule CodeBugJeremy: Jeremy Whish2016-05-19 1:03 PM
4162Update APSIM.Shared to new versionModule CodeBugDean: 2016-05-25 8:41 AM
4163Soil Temperature 2 problemsModule CodeBug: 2016-05-25 9:58 AM
4164Add new oats cultivar - bannisterModule CodeMinorDean: 2016-05-27 1:33 PM
4165Add in frost multiplier management rule in toolbox.Module CodeMinorDean: 2016-05-27 1:36 PM
4166Fieldpea model doesn't run in user interfaceModule CodeBugDean: 2016-06-01 12:58 PM
4167Space at end of simulation name causes premature abortionModule CodeBugJohn: 2016-06-03 9:34 PM
4169Misaligned units in screen capture in "Creating an APSIM met file using Excel"Module CodeBugJohn: 2016-06-04 8:45 PM
4172Calculated Inert C in UI SoilOrganicMatter incorrectUser InterfaceBugJohn: 2016-06-17 11:11 PM
4173Add revision number into summary fileUser InterfaceBugVal: 2016-06-20 11:59 AM
4174ApsimToSim doesnt create the right sims when factorial is activeModule CodeBugDean: 2016-06-21 1:45 PM
4177removeal of discontinued modulesModule CodeBug: 2016-07-15 2:25 PM
4178Prop_up action of SurfaceOrganicMatter not workingModule CodeBugJustin: 2016-07-20 1:38 PM
4179Irrigation documentation is deceptive / misleadingModule CodeBug: 2016-07-20 2:27 PM
4181Manager2 scripts cannot read integer array propertiesModule CodeBugEric: 2016-07-21 3:17 PM
4182unknown tillage info in soilwat shouldn't be fatalModule CodeBug: 2016-08-04 2:52 PM
4183SoilTemp2 test simulationUser InterfaceMinorJohn: 2016-08-05 2:38 PM
4184Update variable names and formatingModule CodeMinor: Rogerio2016-08-16 12:37 PM
5178Pop SoilTemperature2 into releaseInfrastructureBugVal: 2016-09-02 2:55 PM
5179can't link WF_Millet in manager2 scriptModule CodeBug: 2016-09-12 11:47 AM
5180AgPasture crashes if dead DM is zeroModule CodeBug: Rogerio2016-09-12 11:50 AM
5181AgPasture sending dead LAI instead of total to micrometModule CodeBug: Rogerio2016-09-12 2:47 PM
5182Make stolons harvestable in AgPastureModule CodeMinor: Rogerio2016-09-12 4:54 PM
5183Add check for total cover >= green coverModule CodeBugVal: 2016-09-13 6:52 AM
6178Make remobilised N be used in the same dayModule CodeMinor: Rogerio2016-09-16 10:20 AM
6179Cotton needs 'biomass' added as reportable propertyModule CodeBugDavid: 2016-09-19 4:21 PM
6180Cotton fails to kill crops that are reported as 'killed by frost'Module CodeBugDavid: 2016-09-19 4:31 PM
6181Error message for missing crop in soil water too briefModule CodeBugJohn: 2016-09-26 8:21 PM
6182Crop missing from Micromet xmlModule CodeBugJohn: 2016-09-26 8:36 PM
6184Open con file presents a save dialogUser InterfaceBugJohn: 2016-10-09 2:44 PM
6185manager2 fails when running from a network shareModule CodeBug: 2016-10-12 10:58 AM
6186Update training toolboxDocumentationBugJustin: 2016-10-14 11:27 AM
6187Tillage_single has gone missingModule CodeBug: 2016-10-17 10:03 AM
6188Pond updatesModule CodeBug: 2016-10-17 10:04 AM
6189CS-Script problems on Mono/Linux buildsDocumentationBugEric: 2016-10-25 9:26 AM
6193extra variables exposed from Erosion.forModule CodeBug: 2016-11-28 5:12 PM
6194Enhance Cotton to use kl and xf factorsModule CodeMajor (requires RP approval)David: 2017-01-17 2:19 PM
6196ComponentInterface2 not handling 64-bit pointers correctlyModule CodeBugEric: 2017-02-16 3:46 PM
6197RLink not working with all g++ versionsModule CodeBugEric: 2017-02-17 2:09 PM
6198Revise Taro2 for Tonga trialModule CodeBugJohn: 2017-02-17 9:17 PM
6199Soybean and peanut don't play with micrometModule CodeBugJohn: 2017-03-03 11:19 AM
6200Fix validation graphsInfrastructureMinorDean: 2017-03-14 8:50 AM
6201Speed up ApsimToSim for large factorial runsInfrastructureMinorDean: 2017-03-15 9:54 AM
6202probability charts losing axis titleModule CodeMinor: 2017-03-27 12:29 PM
6203Add Taro2 cultivars and testsModule CodeBugJohn: 2017-03-31 9:11 PM
6204Add ability for irrigation to optionally runoff and to apply irrigation at depthModule CodeMinorDean: 2017-04-04 10:37 AM
6205maizeZ incompatible with manager2Module CodeBug: 2017-04-05 2:51 PM

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