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id desc project category reported by reported on
1589Sorghum Code cleanupModule CodeBugGuest: jason2012-09-19 1:06 PM
1953New leaf output variables for Sugar and SugarCaneModule CodeMinorShaun: Jody Biggs2014-09-05 11:58 AM
1990Make BD, KS, SAT, DUL, LL15 and cropLL settableModule CodeMinorShaun: 2014-11-27 2:51 PM
1994Add US soils, weather files, maize and soybean cultivars, manure parameterisationsModule CodeMinorDean: 2014-12-01 10:05 AM
1997Changed all early cultivars in wheat + fixed minor bugs in GUI when sending to clusterModule CodeMinorDean: 2014-12-08 9:13 AM
2008There is a PLANT bug where the use of MaxRootDepth can cause a fatal error about negative root growth.Module CodeBugDean: 2014-12-09 9:54 AM
2009Canola shouldn't have sub soil constraints code activatedModule CodeBugDean: 2014-12-09 12:07 PM
2010Update APSIM with the latest soils toolboxModule CodeMinorDean: 2014-12-09 12:27 PM
2012Fix the graphs in the sugar validationModule CodeMinorDean: 2014-12-10 8:57 AM
1960Remove CL / KL modifier from the chickpea modelModule CodeBugDean: 2014-10-01 2:52 PM
1983Change the .out difference tool (DiffDiff) to make it more usable. Fix some bugs and add recursionModule CodeMinorDean: 2014-11-10 2:44 PM
1984First iteration of a new C# version of PatchInputModule CodeMinorDean: 2014-11-12 3:34 PM
1956Object reference not set ... error on Soil Sample node in GUIUser InterfaceBugDean: 2014-09-17 9:35 AM
1987Add new more modern cultivars to CANOLAModule CodeMinorDean: 2014-11-24 2:32 PM
1724GUI Change tool doesn't like linked SoilTemperature nodesUser InterfaceBugDean: 2013-05-28 4:20 PM
1883Added a Year of Sampling field to ApsoilAPSoilMinorDean: 2014-05-19 12:32 PM
1853Add in new wheat documenationModule CodeMinorDean: 2014-03-26 4:10 PM
1831Added RLink, OilPalm, DCD, Solute2 to official releaseModule CodeMinorDean: 2014-02-21 8:46 AM
1865In PLANT, set XF to 1.0 if there are values for ESP, EC or CL AND ModifyKL is trueModule CodeBugDean: 2014-04-07 3:11 PM
1866New Barley varietiesModule CodeMinorDean: 2014-04-08 8:52 AM
1893Add some extra variables to Plant for emergence_das, floral_initiation_dasModule CodeMinorDean: 2014-05-26 10:06 AM
1894Changed PatchInput to make available non patch variablesModule CodeMinorDean: 2014-05-26 1:45 PM
1896Add a maximum rooting depth parameter to plant.Module CodeMinorDean: 2014-05-29 10:19 AM
1205APSIM Oil Palm ModelModule CodeMajor (requires RP approval)Neil: Neil Huth2010-11-03 4:00 PM
1703There is no documentation for the Egrandis module in the list of crop model documentationModule CodeBugNeil: Neil Huth2013-04-27 4:49 AM
1867Crop LL below Air Dry in SoilwatModule CodeBugJohn: 2014-04-08 1:16 PM
1765Allow use of bootleg R componentModule CodeBugPeter: 2013-08-01 11:08 AM
1771Upgrade run_on_cluster to condor 8Module CodeBugPeter: 2013-08-13 11:50 AM
1981Output variable list (number 1)User InterfaceBugVal: 2014-11-10 12:42 PM
1982 Output variable list (number 2)User InterfaceBugVal: 2014-11-10 12:46 PM
1965Input module not working properly in several respectsModule CodeBugVal: 2014-10-18 1:29 PM
1902Drop-down menus on website not working on iPads (all tablets?)Web siteBugVal: 2014-06-20 3:09 AM
1986APSIM X link deadWeb siteBugVal: 2014-11-20 7:09 PM
1966Manager2 output with defined units does not seem to be available to another Manager2InfrastructureBugVal: 2014-10-19 2:08 PM
1976PlottingInfrastructureBugVal: 2014-11-01 2:27 PM
1871Windows build scripts could be modified to allow for different compiler versionsInfrastructureBugEric: 2014-04-23 12:10 PM
1977Water settings for crops fails if values are entered below the bottom of the profile, and can't be cleaned upModule CodeBugEric: 2014-11-03 2:29 PM
1968Plant not correctly handling removal of biomass by grazingModule CodeBugEric: 2014-10-20 2:19 PM
1847"Open latest version from the web" link is brokenAPSoilBugEric: 2014-03-24 10:24 AM
1848Apsoil version number is incorrectAPSoilBugEric: 2014-03-24 10:30 AM
1862Fatal errors in .NET components not always obvious in the GUIModule CodeBugEric: 2014-04-02 1:37 PM
1884Make ll, xf and kl both readable and writeable for sorghumModule CodeMinorEric: 2014-05-19 4:12 PM
1919Some units compile slowly on Bob for no apparent reasonModule CodeBugEric: Eric Zurcher2014-07-08 2:40 PM
1618Add alternative nitrification/denitroficaiton processes in SoilNitrogenModule CodeMinorFrank: Frank2012-11-16 1:01 PM
1699Deprecate MasterPMModule CodeBugNeville: Neville H2013-04-22 10:51 AM
2013Add a DYMEX test simulation to the test suiteModule CodeMinorNeville: Neville H2014-12-10 11:44 AM
1856initial nitrogen being added to soil file when soil dragged or copied from soil toolboxModule CodeBugJeremy: Jeremy Whish2014-03-28 2:31 PM
1857progress bar only works when simulation completedModule CodeBugJeremy: Jeremy Whish2014-03-28 3:14 PM
1854Change hard coded value in Oryza to external valuenoModule CodeBugJustin: 2014-03-28 12:31 PM
1855New furrow irrigation script not workingModule CodeBugJustin: 2014-03-28 2:01 PM
1838added manager for furrow irrigationModule CodeMinorJustin: 2014-03-13 11:55 AM
1932Request for AusFarmPasture module to be able to accept a parameter file Module CodeMinorJustin: 2014-07-29 9:21 AM
1899fatal crash when soil cannot find cropModule CodeBugJustin: 2014-06-12 10:50 AM
1844documentation updateDocumentationMinorJustin: 2014-03-18 4:22 PM
1737updates for training exercisesUser InterfaceMinorJustin: 2013-06-06 2:16 PM
1921Soils in the toolbox are not having Initial water and N nodes added properlyUser InterfaceBugJustin: 2014-07-10 11:02 AM
1897Graph export does not preserve graph orderUser InterfaceBugJustin: 2014-06-02 10:37 AM
1785Adding new completed exercises to training.xmlUser InterfaceMinorJustin: 2013-10-02 3:25 PM
1798Manager 2 needs better error messagesInfrastructureMinorJustin: 2013-11-06 10:04 AM
1858Testing changes for new fortran versionInfrastructureMinorJustin: 2014-03-31 11:53 AM
1846minor changes to prepare for 7.6 releaseInfrastructureMinorJustin: 2014-03-20 2:34 PM
1945remove old ApsimX code from apsim Module CodeBug: 2014-08-19 3:14 PM
1873update r component to 3.1Module CodeBug: 2014-04-24 1:50 PM
1843Rotation UI cant have two arcs leading from a stateModule CodeBug: 2014-03-18 12:05 PM
1861change cluster UI form for better error handlingModule CodeBug: 2014-04-02 10:43 AM
1850Buffer overrun in CI2 modulesModule CodeBug: 2014-03-25 9:00 AM
1895strange messages when running modelModule CodeBug: 2014-05-28 3:20 PM
1934grasp n is mixed upModule CodeBug: 2014-08-06 11:36 AM
1939GUI locks up when running simulationModule CodeBug: 2014-08-08 5:16 PM
1888Simple grazing module (graz) is not trampling correctlyModule CodeBug: 2014-05-21 9:38 PM
1962The function determining the fraction of DM allocated to shoot root fails to reset (be = 1.0) after 'spring'Module CodeBug: Rogerio2014-10-16 11:43 AM
1963The calculation of root proportion in AgPasture does not consider layer thicknessModule CodeBug: Rogerio2014-10-17 5:52 AM
1972Effects of High and Low temperatue on AgPasture's photosynthesis has a bugModule CodeBug: Rogerio2014-10-23 4:42 PM
1973patch to revision 3563 should not have been committed - need undoModule CodeBug: Rogerio2014-10-24 10:44 AM
1974add better handling of species parameters in AgPastureModule CodeMinor: Rogerio2014-10-25 2:29 PM
1975Partition of new growth (shoot-root ratio) in AgPasture is too restrictiveModule CodeBug: Rogerio2014-10-30 12:51 PM
1988Implement a more explicit separation of species (root and canopy)Module CodeMinor: Rogerio2014-11-25 11:01 AM
1989Compiling AgPasture in different computers (diff setup) produces different resultsModule CodeBug: Rogerio2014-11-26 7:52 PM
1940Adding SlopeEffectsOnWeatherModule CodeMinor: Rogerio2014-08-14 3:53 PM
1941Micromet doesn't publish total PETModule CodeMinor: Rogerio2014-08-16 8:59 AM
1900Add new routine for N remobilisation in AgPastureModule CodeMinor: Rogerio2014-06-17 12:44 PM
1901Agpasture uses Nconcentration isntead of Noptimum to compute N demandModule CodeBug: Rogerio2014-06-17 12:55 PM
1898Introducing SWIM2guiModule CodeMinor: Rogerio2014-06-12 7:41 AM
1880Update outputs of AgPasture Module CodeBug: Rogerio2014-05-06 4:31 PM
1882DM removal (graze) results in loss of mass balance in AgPastureModule CodeBug: Rogerio2014-05-18 10:45 AM
1852Tidying up SoilNitrogenModule CodeMinor: 2014-03-25 12:28 PM
1849Swim3 doesn't move any solutes owned by SoilNitrogenModule CodeBug: 2014-03-25 7:43 AM

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